Mummy To 3 Angel Babies

I got married to my lovely husband 6/12/07 , I met him just months after lossing my mum, he was great helping me through . So when I got pregnant on honeymoon we were thrilled ............ but sadly our first little one grew wings at 7 weeks .......... I struggled to cope so we left it a while before ttc. Last year we found out we were pregnant again we were thrilled as two of my husbands cousins were pregnant too I was in the middle .........sadly on 18th April our little one left us ....... Doctors said to try again straight away so off we went, we were pregnant again in August , we were completely besotted and over the moon ..... everything was going fantastic got to 12 weeks woo hoo danger over ......13 weeks and staining started .... off to hospital to find out the blood supply had stopped to the baby so 1st October 2012 I had to go through a medical managed miscarriage.
With three consecutive miscarriages they start testing to which we found out I have a genetic disorder called factor v leiden which is treatable ...... they then found a large ovarian cyst ........ which was removed to reveal I have endometriosis so ......... fertility treatment is our next step in our journey .

One day I hope to hold our little rainbow baby in my arms x
geedeerea geedeerea
36-40, F
Sep 20, 2012