Our Little Boy

we were almost 4 months i started spotting. my husband got me to the er. we got to see our baby one last time his heart was beating so slowly. they sent us home to waight for our little one to die. there is no way to put into words the pain that you  shoots throught your heart when you realize that you will never feel your baby move inside of you again never get to see what he would have looked like. im sooo sorry that you guys know that feeling no one should.

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I had several MC's, then finally had 2 kids late in life. Hang in there.

I am so sorry for your loss. This is exactly what just happened to me I was almost 4 months 17 weeks going on 18 and the same his heartbeat was beating slowly. Just today I was confirmed that I am officially miscarriaging. I had the option of getting a D&C or just waiting for the tisssues to come out so I rather wait it off since I heard D&C can be dangerous and I do plan on having more children. The feeling is embearable. Like I wrote in my story Losing a child, one that we will never know. Leaves an ampty space where there wasn't one before. I would of had a little boy too its heartbreaking because my daughter who will be 5 in November was so excited. I don't have anger no more i kept trying to blame someone I just have sadness in me. A whole in my heart.

I am so sorry for your loss :(

i'm so sorry for your loss, the next hardest thing is letting go of that little boys future and trying again. You will be on your toes the whole time but in the end hopefully a better outcome will surface and you will get your normal healthy child. to take home

i know how you feel i never thought it would happen to me i have two beautiful healthy childre nearly six and three and i just had a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant it will be two weeks tomorrow and its still so painful i think its the hardest thing my husband and i have ever had to go through we will always have a little angel in heaven

I am so sorry for your pain. I went through a miscarriage myself, it is tough. It has been five years now for me and to tell you the truth, feels like yesterday. Life is tough for us here on earth. I look at the truth, I WILL see her again.

i know how you feel i had a miscarriage last week 3.13.08 is when i found out. i only got to see my baby's heartbeat once and it when i was 7 weeks. its the hardest thing do go through and i never want to go through it again and i wish no one had to.<br />

When I read how you got to see the heartbeat and how it was beating slowly... that is heartbreaking. I'm sure it is painful, but it is a little memory you get to have. I didn't have to wait, I was one of the ones where it came on quick and surprising. Once again, heartbreaking. My broken heart goes out to you.

(((((HUGS))))) i'm so sorry!!

I am so sorry for your loss.