Ripped Away

We found out i was pregnant last wedsday. We told everyone friday. Monday i miscarried. Thursday they confirmed it. It was ripped from me. Im so angry and my heart is broken. Now all I can think about is getting pregnant. Im still bleeding. But i dont know what today. My husband and i have been together 9yrs and we have our 10 year old son from before we met. I had an IUD for the first 7 years. Got it out 2 years ago. I thought we couldnt get pregnant. I was beggining to accept that. Then I got pregnant, And miscarried the same week i found out. How is this fair. Now i desperatly want to try right now before my fertility decreases. How long will my fertility be increased after this miscarage? Days? Weeks? Months. Someone tell me what to do. Please. I just dont want to hurt anymore!.
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I know exactly how you feel, i miscarried 3 months ago and everyone of my sister-in-laws is pregnant now that i experienced a miscarrage, its so hard seeing everyone excited when really all im thinking is i wanna cry and scream and dont wanna experience this. I think that you stay very fertile for 6months im pretty sure thats what my doctor told me. I wish you the best of luck!

I know exactly how it feels. To miscarry, and then desire nothing but to get pregnant again. I miscarried 3 months ago and every month I'm faced with the disappointment of a period. It tears me apart every month. And the worst part is that I'm almost 100% certain I'm infertile now but I can't bring myself to be checked. Because hearing that will truly turn my life upside down. You're not alone love, trust me, you're not alone x

Please look up geritol tonic and castor oil compresses.. Im keepin up all the hope i have, These two thing have changed peoples lives... People that had unsuccesful ivf tried these and fell pregnant. I am trying to be positive. Good luck to you.keep in touch. Its only been 3 weeks for me. But when i get that first period i just know i will fall apart all over again.

Ok first I have to tell you that you need to grieve for this lost child. I myself have had 3 misscarriages. Two before I had my first baby and my third before I had my second baby. This pain you're feeling is something you need to accept and deal with. You won't stop feeling like this by getting pregnant again. Give your baby a name and talk to it. I know how awful you're feeling right now. How you prob think why me what have I done to deserve this. Trust me I've been there. The truth is things just happen to good people. Have faith in your body. You got pregnant and you will again just give yourself some time for now to heal.

And I forgot to say 20 minutes before i got the phone call confirming my hcg dropped, my sister called to tell me her 3rd child in a a girl! I wanted a girl!!! Or a boy, a healthy baby.