I Didn't Have A Miscarriage, But My Mother Had Three And Doctors Say I Should Have Been The Fourth.

After my mother had both my brothers she was ecstatic to have another baby. But she went to the doctor for a checkup the doctors said that there wasn't a heartbeat anymore. She was crushed. This happened 2 more times after this. Then she had gotten pregnant again. She went to her doctor and the doctor said

Don't get your hopes up.
He checked for a heart beat.

And there it was. The beating of an unborn child's heart! The beating of my heart!

Now the doctor couldn't Believe a woman with three prior miscarriages could have a healthy baby. He called in the nurses and they checked again.

My heart kept beating!

They checked again and again, but it didn't change!

I wasn't supposed to be here, but I am. And I want to tell all the mothers and fathers affected by miscarriages that it's going to be okay. There is life and love that rise from the depths of tragedy
BlackTattooedEverything BlackTattooedEverything
13-15, F
Jan 6, 2013