Miscarried At 10 Weeks

I had been going to the doctor for my cheek up everything always was fine 2 weeks before Christmas I had a panic attack I was trying to relax and calm myself I suffer from anxiety. I was beginning to feel the panic come on so I called my obgyn and told her how I was feeling and I just wanted some medicine to fix it all so I asked can I take some pills that I already have she said she wanted me to come in first, now mind you I just saw her about 4 to 5 days before this day and everything was fine not a sign that anything was wrong. So when I got off the phone with the nurse I called my boyfriend and told him that I have an appointment with the doctor I'm feeling panic and she wants to see me so we went up there and they took me straight in for an ultrasound sound I said I need this? they said yeah she wants us to do this so yeah I got that done went into the room afterwards and waited like an hour and a half I bout fell asleep on that bed. When the doctor came in she had the worst news a pregnant woman want to hear she was sorry but there is no heartbeat my boyfriend cried immediately I looked and didn't do anything I was shocked I couldn't believe it when the doctor walked out the room I layed on my boyfriend and just cried. they let us take as long as we needed in there before she came in and told us the next steps
I needed to have a d&c get put to sleep I just was wondering why all this was happening to me I hardly heard a word of what she was saying.I scheduled the d and c for that next week on Friday I was soo scared this all happen right before Christmas I think of my angel all the time. July 2nd was my due date
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I feel your pain. I found out and had my d&c two days ago. I would have been exactly 12 weeks tomorrow. I don't know how to feel. I don't know how to think of anything else. The feeling of emptiness is overwhelming. I wish i had some compassionate words but unfortunately i am going through the same thing. I am willing to listen if you need to talk. and i am so sorry for your loss

thanks I hope I don't have to experience it again I want another child in the future but I'm scared to try

aw im so sorry i had a miscarrige 5 years ago too