My Story.

It was the end of August 2012, and my period was late, I had gotten off birthconrol in feburary because my fiance and i wanted to try for a child right after our wedding. Our wedding was set for the end of september, i read before that it may take a few months for bc to get out of your system so i got off it early enough and started taking pre-natals just to make sure i would be healthy if i were to get pregnant. I just figured i was late on my period because of the wedding and stress getting all the last minute things together. To find out two weeks later a positive pregnancy test, I was shocked ! 3 weeks before my wedding finding out i was pregnant. So my husband was so happy, me freaking out and then after a couple weeks went by and wedding passed, we told our families when i was 10 weeks. i had seen the doctor at 6 weeks and then i was to go back in at 12 weeks. a couple days before my doctors visit i started spotting, then bleeding and to find out i miscarried. I was so upset, I bought my first onesie that week and just been getting so excited to start our family together. My husband was my best friend for years and we took a chance at dating and a year later he proposed. I had never been happier. When i told my mother i miscarried all she talked about was how all her pregnancies went so good and she had the best pregnancies. Which didnt help.. My husband has 5 siblings and they're just like a bunch of baby makers, his mother had 9 grandkids already. He has twin sisters who are my two best friends and they both recently found out theyre both expecting .. im so happy for them but it feels like i cant get over my lose. I see pregnant women every where i go and just think that, that should be me. I would be a wonderful mother , i just needed to vent and see if they was anyone out there that is going through the same thing and would like to chat and talk about our stories , its nice to know your not alone with this heart break.
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Thank you for your support and kind words. I feel like I'm doing better day by day. Letting stuff go and focusing on my future. thank you

In time, your wounds will heal. I know you how feel, in fact, i struggle with those feelings everyday.....even though i now see a therapist. I want you to think of the Future, of you having children with your husband, i want you to let go of it, piece by piece. You've got a great support system behind you, ( family and EP family) just take things one step at a time.

I agree, its hard to explain to others how you truely feel because no one understand unless they have experienced it themselves. Right now ive just been getting sad about the whole situation again to thats why i started to look for places online to see if anyone else had the same feelings i do. Life is crazy i dont get it!

oh funny. i am so so sorry. none of us deserve this. and i feel like the more we want it the worse it is when it gets taken away from us. i have read your story and you have read mine and i am more than willing to listen anytime you want to talk. i feel like the only people that will ever understand are the people who have also been through it. you are in my heart