Basic Training Made Me Kill My Baby

This happened about 5 years ago, but Im still in pain. I wish I had my baby.

I was newly married and was off to start my career as a combat medic for the Army. I had sex as long as I could. I took all the pregnancy tests. Then it was GI Jane.

A few weeks later I had hip pain. When I to went Walter Reed Medical center the had to take Xrays. They asked me when was my last menstrual. I told them that I was late. They said that most girls miss their period due to the stress of training. They refused to retest me.

I noticed that I was really emotional and couldnt stand the smell of beef, but they still said it was stress. About 3 months after being there I felt a pop in my pelvis and blood started streaming down my legs. I was sooo confused. For months they convinced me that my symptoms were a figment of my imagination

At first I thought that I was having a heavy period due to not getting it for 3 months. But as I was changing my pad, I saw the lil body. It look just like the science book. No arms, lil fingers, I wanted to die. I was so confused. I had bone scans, xrays and went into the gas chamber. I felt like they helped me kill my baby.

I rested for 2 days and I was back on modified duty. I cried alot and they said I was emotional. 2 months later they discharged me. No sorry, no nothing. No one would listen. I cant believe that I was willing to give my life to an organization that would treat me this way.
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I'm so sorry for u I'm a guy but 2 different times I went through that with the girl I was with and I was devastated and I can't even imagine what u went through I'm so sorry