Miscarried At 10 Weeks

I've just come to find out im suffering from misscarriage . i had an internal scan thinking i was still pregnant. I've come to know i have no baby and I feel so empty. This was my first pregnancy and I've opted for natural method. I thought I was fit and healthily. Took all the necessary vitamins . I'm devastated and very hurt. People keep telling ill have other chances but I wanted this baby and now it's been taken away. I can't stop crying and every time I look at my husband I feel even more worse. Just don't know how to cope. I'm also concerned about infection and feel the health services just haven't really been much support.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

i lost mine aswell you are not alone here..things will look up soon....

I went through this as well. It's a horrible, empty feeling. The only way I got through it was by talking about it and taking the time to grieve and feel sad. You have to let those feelings come to the surface. Don't hold them back. You shouldn't worry too much about infection as long as you don't insert anything into your vagina until you stop bleeding. If you feel doctors aren't helping, go to a different doctor. This is a sad, horrible time but it will pass. I promise. I've been there.

Thank u I'm recovering and have time off. Now I'm dreading the the horrible scan that told me my baby was no more. Time will heal the scars I guess. But thank you it's a lot easier to share feelings on here.