I Lost My Baby At 10wks And 3 Day

I had a miscarriage 16 days ago, i never thought this will happen to me , i have a son his 9yrs old . We were so exited when we heard the news that i was pregnant. Until this day i cant understand why this happen. Is been so hard that i don know how to move on, everybody tells me all i need is time but it seems that the more the days pass by the more pain i feel. Does anybody have some comments that they are going trou the same pain Im going trou i appreciated
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I lost my baby three days ago, I was ten weeks pregnant and the fetus had no heartbeat.The Dr had to give misoprostol and then he did a d&c the next morning, my body wanted to keep the baby. The whole experience has changed me completely, I don't have a shred of control over my emotions. I am in pain in every way possible. I am pushing away everyone I know and I can feel it taking me under. Thank you for sharing, I'm so sorry you have experienced this too. But having said that, I know my condolences have no meaning. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

I been talking to people that have been going trou the same pain we are going trou , and it has help me a lilttle cause they know the pain that we feel inside and they make you feel like your not alone . If you need to talk to somebody you could write me and maybe we could help each other.

I miscarried at 10 weeks last Thursday . I feel exactly the same I feel ok one min then next I just want to cry. I thought it was getting easier but today I just feel so sad and don't want to do anything. I dont want to eat or do anything. feel to hit the bottle. I thought my husbands family who I live with would understand but they just don't . It's so hard and I'm hoping it gets better.