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As I write this I am losing my baby.  I am/was 8 weeks along when I started bleeding yesterday.  I went in for a blood test and they told me not to worry.  This morning they called me to come  in for an ultrasounds, where I learned that my baby had no heartbeat.  I was sent home to "let nature take it's course".  I am having painful cramps and it is just devistating to sit here and know that my body is getting rid of the baby I wanted so much.

Swordfly Swordfly 36-40 4 Responses Jan 14, 2009

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im sorry for your loss... you will never forget the baby that is going to heaven to be with god.. .i lost my first pregnancy this past summer and on feb 10th it will be the due date that i should have had... now im going to light a candle for my dear angel... its sucks because my husband is out to sea and i will have to be alone during that tough time ..but i think lighting a candle will help me feel better about the situation... its tough but it will be something that you will have to deal with talking to others helps greatly ... i will pray for you as well ..

swordfly...I am so sad for you. I do know that as time passes you will find the courage to take on the day and accept the loss of your baby. I know that God has a plan for you even though it's hard to understand why we lose the very person we love. I will keep you in my prayers for peace and for strength and acceptance. Take time out for your sadness and loss and mend your heart dear.

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