it was our first one. Planed and everything, i thought things were going okay. but Monday i was spotting, i wanted to make sure i was okay only to find out that the baby was dead and had been for awhile...they told me it was a bad egg. I'm doing so much better now...idk y i should probably be worse especially since my d/c isn't until Tuesday and I'm in a huge amount of pain. but i wrote a letter and gt everything out, i guess that's why I'm better but my husband...idk he hides  things and bulk es it in. Ive been trying to get him to write a letter but he wont...idk how to help him...

Though we now both think that maybe were meant to adopt, But were 18 and only our neighbor state will allow 18 yrs old. Also hes military so that working against us too. though all my friends are telling me to try again before i consider adoption, but i don't want them and some wont listen...i guess idk what to tell them but i like the idea of adopting alot....but...idk...i really need advice on what to do next....

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atually im 15 weeks preg now

Wow, you're so amazing for handling this in such a positive way! Glad to hear that you're looking up, and that your husband is with you all the way. :)

Bless, I'm glad to hear it is sounding positive. I know how hard it is. How certain things will just bring it back up. But don't blame yourself. I believe everyting happens for a reason. Maybe you don't find out now but later. I'm here if you ever wan to chat.x

actally last niGht i got my husband to break and tell me what h really wanted to do and he told me he wanted to try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smile at him and he smile at me, he fiannly smiles i haven seen his smile since sunday, for the first time this week i didnt cry myself to sleep. Im actualy feeling very happy if werent for the physical pain im still going through from losing the baby and all . But i guess were going try again, i going have the doc cheack my urtues and alll first though, i want this to be sucess with me luck

It doesn't mean you won't be able to concieve again. my husband and I have had four miscarrige's and d/c and a still birth and yet we now have 3 children. So don't give up hope yet. I'm here if you ever want to chat. X