Painful Things

 January 08... i went up to PA to visit my grandparents... my husband didnt come with me... i went with my cousin to the doc cuz i still hadnt started my period... i found out i was 9wks pregnant... i didnt tell my husband, but to this day i wish i did... i wantd to wait and tell him when i got back to VA... well a week later on Jan. 29th i started bleeding extremely bad... my cousin took me back to the free clinic inside a hospital, cuz i didnt hve insurance at the time... they asked me a million questions... i still had no idea what was going on... the doc came back into the room and told me i lost the baby... i felt so ashamed i couldnt even keep my baby alive inside me... i immediately started crying... then he said having miscarriages are actually very common... that day not only did i have to tell my husband i WAS pregnant i had to tell him i had a miscarriage and lost the baby... it was the worst day of my life... we've been trying since then, but still nothing... even now when i see little babies it tears me up... esp when they're around 5-6 months thats how old my baby wouldve been now...

lizjv lizjv
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2009