2 Troubling Times

I had 2 miscarrages  one been and ectopic. My first in July 2008 I was 12 weeks and had 6 weeks of not knowing if the baby was going to survive I had a little bleeding at 6 weeks then started getting low hcg levels and the heart beet was getting slow, then I sadly lost the baby but didnt loose it naturaly so had to have a D&C , then I got pregnant again in november in the same year it happened quicker then we thought which was good, but at 6 weeks I had bleeding and bad stomach pains I went to the hospital and they thought I was just having a normal miscarrage due to low hcg levels so they sent me home, a week later I was bleeding heavy & still had bad pains so went back and they found out I had an ectopic pregnancy which was a horrible time I had another D&C after another 2 weeks of waiting, that didnt work then I was treated over 8 weeks with methotrexate I had to have 2 doses while been in and out of hospital the whole time and daily blood tests it took a long time to get rid of the ectopic pregnancy with-out an operation but I hope that this means I can get pregnant again and have no problems, I just dont know how long it will take,and if things will go well next time, I want to be a mum so bad...

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I'm extremely sorry to hear about your misscarriage. I know from experience how hard it is to go have to go through something as horrifying as that.<br />
<br />
But one day, i think you're going to be a fabulous mum. maybe it's not your time just yet :). but i bet.. it'll happen sooner than you think. <br />
i wish you all the best!

So very sorry for your complications sweetie! My friend<br />
had a miscarriage and then an eptopic pregnancy. <br />
Luckily she had a healthy baby boy on her third try!