12 Weeks Miscarriage

hi my name is tanya ive just had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and the baby was onli 6 to 8 weeks big and stopped growing but the sac carryed on growing[sad]. its been 11 days since ive had erpoc,and im still bleeding on and off im not sure if its meant to have stopped by now but it seems to be gettig worse as the weeks go on. is this normal ?. im 19 and this is my first for trying for a baby. its kinda making me feel worse as the weeks go on as im not back to normal and its making me very emotional [sad].
for the first few days off have the erpoc op i stopped bleeding and then spotting very dark brown blood and then stopped again. and its been doin that ever since,and now its just getting reder and heavyer every time ive had intercourse in the time that it had stopped propaly,but after having sex its started bleeding again 6 hours later. has any been though this if so do you ave any advice for me ?:) rang the hospital today and they dont seem to care how i feel right now and i have no idea wats going on with my body.
thanks tanya

tanya89 tanya89
18-21, F
Mar 24, 2009