I Lost My Lily

At 16 years old I met a guy who was the love of my life. We had plans to get married out of high school and live our lives happily ever after. Then I got pregnant. This little life was the greatest thing in the world to us. My love was in the army and we were going to have a great life. But then something shattered it all. At 18 weeks our little Lily passed away in the womb. Being so young I labored on my own loosing her within minutes of the start of labor. Lily suffered from many abnormalities and she would not have had much of a chance. As a 16 year old girl I shut down. I broke it off with the love of my life and went off into the world.

Its 10 years later and life is different. I have 3 wonderful children and I now have the love of my life back. Yes Lily's daddy and I are to be married in July of 2010. I know that she is looking down on us and loving her parents as she plays. Jesus is her protector now and Lily's daddy and mommy know she is the perfect little girl she was ment to be.  We love our little girl and will always have her in our hearts.

motherwhy motherwhy
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2010