The Worse Day Of My Life

On the 27th of august 2009  i found out i was pregnant i had to check it a few times to believe it was true but is was it was the best news i could have had i'd been trying to get pregnant for almost 7 years and i was attending hospital looking into ivf so as you can imagine i was over the moon but then it all went wrong on the 25th of september  i started to bleed and i went for a scan on the 27th of september i went to hospital for a scan i couldn't wait any longer i needed to know what was wrong  and their was no heart beat i felt like my heart had been ribbed out i still find it hard now i was 9 weeks gone not even one day has gone by that i haven't thought of my little angel

I'm dreading my due date coming which was the 1st of may 2010 i don't know how to deal with it all i was hoping to be pregnant by then  to give me something to look forward to instead of thinking i should have had my baby now i will always miss my little angel i know alot of people that are pregnant and due around the time i was and its making it  harder on me i have friends that have kids but none of them ever lost one so they don't know what its like or what i'm going through all i get is i can imagine but i don't think they can.

I can't wait another 7 years till it happens i'm 32 now i just don't want to be too old starting a family


any advice how to get over this its eating me away


amie2 amie2
31-35, F
Feb 22, 2010