Of course having a miscarrige is hard to bare.. believe me i've had my share of THEM. not just ONE.. but many. You shouldn't blame yourself or anyone for that matter.. It's just that their genes weren't ready.. would you rather have them out and sufferring...? or have it full term for it to come out still born?? My friend who was 17 at the time carried her baby for the full 9 months feeling her baby move around and everything, going to monthly check ups, ultra sound and all... and when it came to delivery the baby stillborned.... Our babies weren't ready to come out and neither were we. if its not meant to be its NOT meant to be don't blame anyone not even ourselves.. stress and depression causes miscarriges too you know =/ 

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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I have felt the loss of a baby, miscarried in the 2nd month. Mine was due to stress and depression in my life. The worst part is that the father was half a world away and was unable to offer support and love when it was needed the most. While I still feel the pain from it, I have forced myself to move on; yet he acts like it never happened.<br />
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*hugs* Much love and support to you and the other ladies who have lost a child this way.