It wasn't that long ago. I was over 4 months along, it technically shouldn't have happened; there was no reason. We were only weeks away from finding out the sex and since we have a beautiful little girl, we were hoping for a boy. Then it happened, late Sept. 2009. I just started having contractions. When I went to the hospital they said I was already dilating. They sent me home with a prescription of lortab to help with the pain and said it would either stop or get worse and I would miscarry. That night I felt better and thought it would be okay. The next day it started again and felt worse. I fought it for a while, telling myself it wasn't going to happen, but relented and not 2 min. after getting in the car my water broke. It was just like going into labor, only I knew the baby wouldn't make it. They gave me pain meds once at the hospital as I was in agonizing pain. Then I couldn't feel anything. My dearest Samuel helped distract me. Once I found solace with the fact that I could do nothing it was ok. They asked if I wanted to see the baby once it was over. I did. It was a little boy. He had passed before it was over, thankfully (I guess). I'm tearing up now just remembering. So small. So perfect. But I've moved on now. Not really any choice. We're planning to get pregnant again in a year or so and I only hope all will go well.

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Genuinely sorry for your loss. I'm glad you were brave enough to see him.