My wife had made plans to visit her Mom and Dad during the Labour Day holiday and planned on staying over the entire weekend. As Labour Day fell on a Monday, I was scheduled to work so I could not go with her. My wife was leaving on Friday which meant I had the weekend off to myself. I was looking forward to two full days of uninterrupted **** and beating my meat!
I have mentioned in a previous story that my wife was extremely religious; she doesn’t drink or smoke and goes to church every Sunday. She diffidently doesn’t condone **** and would be appalled if she knew what I was looking at on the internet.
The new guy at work, I will call him Jim, found out I had the weekend to myself and invited me over for dinner on Saturday night. I really did not want to go as this was my prime ‘beating my meat’ time on the net. I really looked forward to these special times to look at **** and not worry about getting caught by the wife. However, several people were standing around when Jim asked me so I felt compelled to say yes.
My wife left on Friday and I spent that night getting drunk, beating my ****, and chatting on sex sites until about 3 am. I was a bit hung over the next morning, but at least I didn’t have the wife around to preach at me about drunkenness.
Jim told me dinner was about 7pm but that I was welcome to come as early as I liked. Jim had just started at work and I did not know a lot about him. He had mentioned being married, but other than that I knew nothing.
I pulled into Jim’s driveway at about 6pm and was impressed with the large two story house. It was set up on a semi-rural property and had a massive back yard. When I knocked on the door a stunning blonde answered the door. I was a bit taken back because Jim never really spoke too much about his wife and I did not anticipate him having a model quality wife. She was wearing a medium length, peach coloured summer dress that stopped just above the knee. She had shoulder length straight blonde hair, lovely long legs and appeared to have a great set of ****! My **** began to harden then and there just looking at her.
I mumbled a hello and handed her a bottle of wine. I hoped she didn’t notice me staring at her. Jim appeared at the front door and said, ‘I see you have met my wife Jennifer, now stop ogling her and come on inside’. Jennifer giggled and I could feel my face getting bright red as we walked inside. Jim showed me the back yard which boasted swimming pool and a hot tub. After showing me around Jim started cooking lamb chops on the grill and offered me a beer.
We stood around chatting, drinking beer, and keeping my sunglasses on so I could stare at Jim’s hot wife. Jim kept teasing me as he knew I was impressed with her. I told Jim, ‘sorry but your wife is so ******* hot’. Jennifer came outside and began to set a small round outdoor table for dinner. I could clearly see the outline of her very skimpy g string as she leaned over the table.
I could just visualize me bending Jennifer over the table and slamming my hard **** into her as Jim continued to cook on the grill. I must have zoned out for a bit staring at her, because I was startled when my *** received a sudden slap followed by a hard squeeze to my *** cheeks. I spun around to find Jim standing there with a big grin on his face. ‘You were staring again’ he said laughing at me. ‘It’s ok though everyone stars at her’ he said. I didn’t mind the slap on the ***, but I couldn’t believe he squeezed my ***. I hoped Jim couldn’t see my hardening **** in my jeans as we continued to stare at his wife.
We both continued to ogle Jennifer as she set the table. Jim asked, ‘I bet you would love to **** my wife right about now, wouldn’t you’? N n no of course not I stuttered, shocked at the question. I wondered if I had offended him. I said, I do apologize Jim if I offended you, it’s just my wife is so strict and I find it hard to control myself when I am around someone who flaunts their beauty as much as your wife.
So you don’t want to **** her then, Jim asked again. Ah ah of course not I replied, turning to face him. Jim suddenly reached over and grabbed my crotch and squeezed my hardening **** through my jeans! Jim laughed, ‘I think you’re lying, he said, squeezed my **** again. I didn’t know if he was serious or not.
I was shocked! I have never had a guy grab and squeeze my **** before, even if it was through my jeans. My **** responded to his squeeze hardening even more, making a clear outline in my jeans. Jim released his grip on my crotch and then rubbed the outline of my **** a couple of times with the palm of his hand. See even your own **** says you’re lying, Jim said laughing at me again.
I was frozen to the spot not knowing how to respond when Jennifer thankfully came to the rescue. You boys need another beer she yelled out at us. Yes please I said a little too loud. Jennifer walked up to us and handed us each a beer and noticed Jim grinning widely. What is my husband grinning at she asked? Is he giving you a hard time she giggled? Jim is always embarrassing his guests for some reason, but I never know why.
I turned toward the grill so she wouldn’t see my raging hard on in my jeans. Oh he was just telling me about something at work I lied. Those chops look done, let’s hurry up and eat, Jennifer said. I couldn’t get to the table fast enough so I could hide my hard **** from her view.
As we sat down to the small table I hoped I could get through the meal without getting caught staring at Jennifer. Jennifer sat to my left and Jim to my right. We raised our glasses and toasted Labour Day. I glanced over at Jennifer as I took a drink of wine and noticed the clear outline of her now hard nipples through her dress. Damn, just what my **** needed. I realized it was getting noticeably cooler outside. I looked over at Jim and he winked at me acknowledging that he had caught me looking at his wife.
Jim astonished me ever further by saying, ‘Jennifer you are nipping out! It looks like you are happy with our new guest.’ I tried not to stare as Jennifer looked down at her hard nipples. I guess I am she laughed, playfully rubbing them through her dress. I must have turned red, because Jennifer said sorry for embarrassing you. That’s ok I love to see hard nipples as I eat I replied, winking at Jim.
I finished eating, but did not want to get up as my **** was still rock hard from all the nipple action during dinner. I leaned back in my chair, taking another drink of wine when I suddenly felt a warm hand on my crotch. I felt the hand gently caress and squeeze my rock hard **** through my jeans. **** it felt great!
I looked at Jim who was staring at me grinning. I noticed his left hand was not in view. I then looked at Jennifer, who was draining her wine glass with her left hand, but her right hand was not in view. I prayed it was her hand playing with my ****!
Did you enjoy dinner, Jim asked? It was great, thank you for having me over I replied. Oh it was our pleasure, Jim and Jennifer said at almost the same time. I felt another hard squeeze to my ****. Would you like some dessert, Jennifer asked.
Damn, who was playing with my ****? No thank you I said, I am stuffed. I felt the hand leave my **** and just in time as I thought I was going to *** right there. I desperately needed relief, but didn’t dare stand up. I grabbed my empty plate, standing up and holding the plate near my crotch to hide my hard on. I hurried into the kitchen before they could stop me. I placed my plate in the sink and rushed to the bathroom.
I shut the door and dropped my jeans right there in front of the mirror. I grabbed my raging **** and began to furiously stroke it. I could see pre-*** dripping off my ****. I knew I would *** soon, but was suddenly interrupted by a pounding on the door. Are you ok? I heard Jim ask. Yes I said I just needed to use the bathroom. I pulled up my jeans and stuffed my still hard **** into them. I pulled out my shirt letting it hang over my crotch to hide my hard on.
I stepped out of the bathroom and walked back into the kitchen noticing no one was there. I walked outside and still didn’t see anyone and I began to wonder where Jim and Jennifer had gone. Over here I heard Jennifer call. I turned and noticed that they were now sitting in the hot tub. The tub was bubbling away and I could only see there neck and heads. The rest of their body were submerged. Don’t be shy jump in Jim said.
I don’t have swimmers I said. Don’t be a prude, just jump in with your undies on Jennifer said. I shed my shirt, wrapped a towel around my waist, and then took off my jeans. Look whose shy Jim and Jennifer both said, teasing me. Yea whatever I replied, thankful they hadn’t noticed my hard on.
The hot tub was small and only built for 3 or 4 people and Jim and Jennifer were sitting opposite each other. I shed my towel and quickly slipped into the tub before they could notice and trying not to bump either of them. Wow! This is nice, warm and cosy I stated as I slid all the way into the tub. Jim reached over, pouring me another glass of wine and handed it to me.
I took a drink and noticed I was getting a bit drunk from all the beer and wine I had drank. I relaxed in the tub and I noticed that my **** finally began to soften a bit. Jennifer surprised me by saying, ‘Jim tells me your wife is quit the prude and that she never has any fun? I don’t know about that I said, but she is so religious. She would never drink or get into a hot tub with just under wear on with guest. She would die of shock.
Jennifer slid closer to Jim, putting her arm around him and said, ‘we have lots of fun in this tub, don’t we darling? Jim leaned in and kissed his wife hard on the lips, I could see his tongue slip into her mouth. I heard Jennifer moan softly as Jim plunged his tongue deeper into her mouth.
My **** began to harden again as I stared at them. I took another drink and then felt a hand land on my bare thigh under the water. The hand slid up my thigh, slipping under the loose end of my boxers, and grasping my hard ****. I felt the fingers wrap around my **** and squeeze softly. My **** jumped and I fought to keep from moaning outloud.
I leaned back and was shocked when I discovered that Jennifer was holding Jim’s face with ‘both’ of her hands as they continued to snog each other. ‘I was getting a hand job from a man!’ I thought to myself. I was so horny that I didn’t care anymore. I was now determined to get a piece of Jennifer’s *** and now! I reached over to place my hands on her hard ****, but the phone rang suddenly.
Jim and Jennifer broke their kiss and Jennifer said, oh that’s my mom, she always calls at this time. Jennifer slowly climbed out of the tub. I noticed she didn’t have a bra on and that the nipples on her large C Cup size **** were rock hard. In fact the only thing she was wearing was the tiny spaghetti g string. The g string barely covered her completely shaven ***** and I noticed the string was so tight that her ***** lips were bulging out on both sides.
Sorry guys, Jennifer said and ran over to the answer the phone by the pool. I just stared at her as she spoke on the phone and noticed her rubbing her nipples. I realised the hand was still stroking my hard ****. ****, Jim is stroking my ****! My brain yelled to itself. You like my wife’s ***** and ****? Jim asked suddenly. Oh Yes! I moaned as I stared over at Jim’s wife as he stroked my ****.
Jim slid closer to me and placed both hands on the hem of my boxers and slid them off under the water. He suddenly leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. His tongue was so long I felt it swirle around my tongue and nearly to back of my throat. I felt his hand squeeze and stroke my **** as he kissed me deeply.
I tried to resist at first, but Jim just pressed me into the side of the hot tub and kissed me even harder. I felt my hand reach up and around Jim’s back and pull him into me! **** I am making out with a guy and liking it my mind screamed! I looked out over Jim’s back and noticed Jennifer had her back to us and was walking back into the house and was still on the phone.
Jim climbed on top of me in the hot tub, straddling me. I could feel his hard **** press against mine under the water and he leaned into me. Jim took my face in both of his hands and gently ****** my mouth with his amazing tongue. My body began to automatically grind against Jim, my hard **** pressing against his.
I found myself breathing heavily and moaning loudly as Jim began to kiss down my neck to my nipples. No one had ever sucked my nipples before, not even my wife. Jim’s tongue swirling around my nipples and I jumped as his teeth gently nipped them. As Jim played and sucked on my nipples his hands were caressing me from my chest down to my thighs.
As Jim’s head was about to go under the water, I felt his amazingly strong hands suddenly grasp me around the waist, and in one swift move, jerked me out of the hot tub, sitting me on the edge. I leaned back breathing hard, my feet still in the water, my rock hard **** sticking straight out, and Jim now kneeling in the hot tub with both hands on my thighs.
Jim leaned forward again sucking my nipples, kissing down to my abdomen. I gasped in anticipation of my first blow job from a man! I moaned and pushing my *** up trying to get my **** into his mouth. Jim slowly caressed my thighs with his hands, then slipping them under my *** cheeks. I looked down at Jim and looked into his eyes as his mouth hovered over my hard ****.
Are you enjoying dessert? Jim whispered, his tongue licking my cockhead. Y Yes I moaned loudly. Do you want more, Jim asked? Yes I want more, Please Now! Tell me what you want, say it out loud, beg for it! Jim said. I felt Jim’s hands under my *** cheeks squeeze softly and his hot breath on my ****. Please suck my **** Jim! I said softly. Jim again licked my cockhead and then kissed it. What was that? Jim said I cannot hear you.
Unnghh! OH Please Suck my **** Jim! Let me **** your face with my hard **** I grunted loudly! That’s more like it Jim replied. As Jim kissed my cockhead I felt his hands kneading my ***. I moaned loudly as I felt my cockhead slip into Jim’s hot wet mouth. I looked down at Jim as he started to suck my **** in earnest. Jim wrapped is lips around my **** shaft and began to **** his mouth with it. Jim slipped his right hand from under my *** and began to gently squeeze my balls as he continued to suck my ****. Unnggh…my eyes rolled back. ‘****! This is the best blow job I had ever had I thought to myself.
My **** swelled inside Jim’s mouth as he sucked furiously. Unghh I am going to *** I moaned. I placed my hands on the top of Jim’s head as he took my **** deep down his throat. I felt his suction increase as his hand massaged my balls. My **** swelled and I suddenly exploded hot *** deep down Jim’s throat.
I looked down at Jim as he drank down my ***. Jim kept his mouth sealed on my **** and used his other hand to stroke the last pulses of *** down his throat. Jim sucked my **** dry and even licked up my shaft and the last drops from my **** slit.
Jim looked up at me with an ‘eyes glazed over’ look, he then pulled me back into the hot tub. Jim pulled me close and kissed me hard. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. I could still taste my own *** on his tongue. Jim hugged my tightly kissing me hard as my now semi hard **** was crushed against his still raging hard ****.
We sat down in the tub, breaking off our embrace. I didn’t know what to say as I just stared into Jim’s eyes. Jennifer suddenly walked back outside, putting the phone down, then walked slowly back to the hot tub. My eyes were glued to her hard nipples and g stringed shaved *****. She knew we were both watching her as she climbed into the hot tub and sat on Jim’s lap.
I couldn’t see if his **** had gone straight into her ***** under the water, but she gasped loudly, trying to cover it with a cough. I could see Jennifer bit her lip and her eyes roll back. My **** was still happy from the amazing blow job and I just leaned back and stared at both of them. I could see Jim pinching her nipples under the water and could see her grinding as she sat on his lap. I could just imagine the rock hard **** deep in her *****.
Jennifer took a breath looked at me then asked, My oh My! What has got Jim so excited? She acted like she had no idea her husband had just given me the best blow job of my life. I didn’t reply and just stared at her as she arched her back. Jim’s **** was obviously deep inside her and she couldn’t stand it. Jennifer moaned loudly as Jim stood up, lifting his wife as he do so. Jim threw her against the edge of the tub and slammed his hard **** deep into her *****.
I sat there and stared, not knowing if I should join in or not. Jim grabbed her by the waist and began ******* her hard doggie style. Jennifer grunted and groaned as her hubby stuffed her shaved *****.
Jim slapped Jennifer hard on the *** and yelled at me, do you like my **** **** wife? I heard Jennifer cry out and object to the question, but Jim just kept slapping her *** and ******* her ***** hard. Jim didn’t last much longer and blew his load deep inside her *****. Jim slammed her ***** a couple more times then pulled out, slapping her hard on the *** again. You see, that is how you **** a **** **** wife, Jim said. Jennifer gasped, jumped up and ran inside the house without saying anything further.

I sat there a little shocked. I wasn’t sure if Jennifer was upset or if it was just all a show. Jim reached over and playfully squeezed my **** again. I am glad you enjoyed dinner and dessert he said teasingly, but I think that is all for the night.
A short time later I was dressed and driving back home. My mind was reeling! Am I gay? What an AWSOME BLOW JOB!
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WOW! Hot Story!!I don't think you're gay but definitely, most definitely bi curious! LOL

If you are ever in the Massachusetts, USA let me know...I am sure I can satisfy that AND my wife!!