Our First Mmf Experience

I remember asking my best friend at the time, jokingly in front of my wife, "Hey you'll be our third in our ********* if I asked you right?" without blinking an eye he said "yup!" Fast forward a week later....

I had gotten up early to give blood I came home and my wife met me at the door (which she never does) with a big smile on her face. She lifts up her night shirt and exposes her freshly shaven *****. I asked her "whats that all about?" She says, Kevin's coming up! OH? really? 

She says Yeah, he's coming up to take a shower...Ok then...Sure enough, he comes in the house and straight to the shower he goes. After he gets out of the shower, I went in and took mine. When I got out of the shower they were in bed together watching TV, I could tell he was naked as was she. I got on the opposite side of my wife so she was in the middle. it was then she started to get nervous that this was actually going to happen. 

I turned on some **** and then to finally get things going just started eating her out. I looked up while I was licking her sweet ***** and Kevin and her were kissing and he was feeling her **** at the same time. 

I continued to eat her wet ***** out until she had her first ******. Kevin then had straddled her chest and was feeding her his ****. I then moved up and slid my **** into her. She was so wet and turned on it was amazing. 

We moved around to a doggie style position and she was still sucking his **** and I was still slamming into her ***** from behind. I was so turned on myself that I shot my load deep into her. I decided to leave them and shower up again. When I came back into the bedroom (this was the hottest vision ever and I still jerk off to the memory of it!!!) He was on top of her sliding his **** slowly in and out of her. Her legs spread apart, his muscular back and small tight ***, and his arms bracing himself over her. I almost came again on the spot. 

I immediately dropped my towel and went down on her again all the while his **** pumping away. On occasion his **** would slip out and I would put it in my mouth and then slide it back into her. 

I got up and went to her side and felt her **** and let her suck on my **** a little. Kevin soon announced he was ready to go, he slipped out of her ***** and I grabbed his glistening **** and jerked him until he sprayed his load all over her stomach. 

Again...we headed to the showers, the three of us this time where the three of us groped and kissed each other. 

out of the shower we all got dressed and planned to do it again soon.

41-45, M
4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

WOW, this is one HOT experience that you three had!!!! I wish that I could be your best friend "Kevin"!!!!! :)

If you live in MA or are ever in the area AND like a nice bbw...Let me know that could be arranged...LOL

Thank you, I live in Florida, but you never know, I might take a trip to Ma. and take you up on that great offer!!!!! Have an awesome remainder of 2012!!!! :)

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

A very familiar experience. Hot Story. Keep having fun!