My Girlfriend And My Friend On The Lake

I was still on college at the time this happened - my girlfriend and I went up to my buddies cabin (his parents cabin).  they were really well off and this cabin was more like a second house.  We were spending the weekend there with him and his girlfriend.  This guy had been my good friend for awhile and we shared pictures of our girls here and there-he showed me a tape of him ******* his girlfriend once but that as far as anything ever went.  Both our gfs are really hot, with similar builds.  Both about 5-4 or 5-5 ,110 pounds or so, medium **** and GREAT *****.   

We got to his cabin on a friday and just hung out, played some cards, and drank.  We talked about sex and different stuff that we have done and shared stories, but not our girls...that night atleast.

The next day rolled around and it was hot as ****-we decided we were going to go on the lake and waterski and tube around.  My buddies girlfriend was a tired from the sun and the booze so she just went inside and took a nap.  Us three got out on the boat, kristen (my girlfriend) was in her bikini tanning while my buddy and i were just hanging out drinking.  We were talking smart and i bet him 20 bucks i could finish my drink before he could-men just being stupid as we usually are.  he said he'd give me 20 if i won (he didnt give a **** about money) but if he won kristen had to take her top off.  She laughed and protested a little bit but I told her i got this and not to worry.  We raced-he won-and now kristen wa suppose to take her top off, i told her it wasnt a big deal because he had seen pictures anyway.  She just laughed and said she figured but still hadn't taken her top off.  this is when chad (my buddy) suggested a double or nothing...we race again and if he wins she would have to ***** naked and take a lap around the lake on the waterskis, if i won she owed him nothing.  this type of bet was right up our alley as we like to have innocent fun like this.  So we opened another drink, raced again, and he kicked my ***.

Now kristen had to ***** naked in front of my buddy and ride around the lake naked on water skis!  i said a bets a bet lets get to it-she sat there kind of embarrassed when my buddy just walked up behind her and pulled the string on her top-i was kind of drunk and didnt care one bit.  her top slid off her **** and she bent over and took her bottoms off.  Hopped into the lake naked and took her trip around on the skis.  After she swam back to the boat and crawled in, her body soaking wet, and completely naked-it was so hot.  Chad was sitting down but you could still see a buldge busting through his pants...i expected her to put her clothes back on but instead we went over and sat next to chad.  She looked at me and said "ok you boys had your fun, now its my turn."  and she started rubbing chads **** through his trunks.  Now i was the one with the buldge in my shorts! 

She slid his trunks to his ankles and started sucking him off.  there was my girl with her *** in the air to me and my buddy looking at me for my approval.  I just kind of nodded my head and laughed.  this went on for about a minute or so and i couldnt take it, so i took my shorts off, went over by kristen and started eating her out from behind.  So im servicing my girl when she is servicing my buddy, a pretty damn good deal for him!  After ahwile i stood up and started taking her from behind real slow.  She was still going to town on chad and every once and awhile she would turn her head and smile and me and keep jacking him off with her hand.  I couldn't see his ****, not that i wanted to, but in the movie he showed with his girlfriend he looked pretty hung so i was curious.  Thats when moved her head and started licking his balls-got he had to be loving that ****.  I saw his **** and I was right, it was about an inch bigger than mine and thick.  Thats when he moved her to her feet, turned her around, and made her sit on his **** reverse cow girl style.  Now the rolls had switched, he was ******* her and i was getting head.  Although the head was kind of choppy because she stopped a lot to moan and fondle his balls under her crotch.

This gave me time to kind of look around and get a feel of what was going on, we were in the middle of the lake, with cabins in sight-and we were double teaming my girlfriend!  She was getting more and more into with him so i just stood there and felt her **** while she was riding him.  He reached around with his hand and started fingering her ****-she loved this and came almost was so hot standing right next to her when another guy made her go wild like that-so i just took a seat on the other side of the boat (only about 5 feet away) and watched them go at it.  She must have felt like i was left out or something because she hopped off him and came over to me and started *******, facing me.  Chad had a great view of her *** going up and down and just sat there playing with himself.  She then got off and went over by him so instead of double teaming her now we were just taking turns going at her.  I came first in her mouth so she went over by chad to finish him off.  he laid her on the carpet of the boat, with her *** into his **** and started going at her like that-he said he was gunna ***-i already went in her mouth and i doubted he wanted to so i told him to just bust it on her face.  He stood up and started jacking it all over her.  It was so hot seeing my girlfiend naked on her knees taking a load from my buddy all over her face and ****.  She jumped in the water still naked, washed up and then came back in the boat.  She road on chads lap back to the cabin this way most of the way with the wind blowing through her hair and her **** rock hard.  She got dressed before we got to the cabin.  When we walked in chad's girlfriend was sitting here and asked if we had fun on the boat.  We all just kind of smiled and laughed and said yes :)

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Awesome story


wow man, u r so lucky

Very hot story...I love it that you guys were sharing pics and videos of your GF's.<br />
It sounds like she really enjoyed fuxking you both! Thanks for sharing. <br />