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My Myomectomy Experience

A Myomectomy is a procedure done on a woman's uterus to remove fibroids or benign, non-cancerous tumors, which may be causing her to have any number of problems, like excessive cramping during menstruation, or excessive bleeding during menstruation, without entirely removing her uterus. I had one in 1984.

African-American women are especially prone to get fibroid tumors, according to recent medical statistics. I suppose these statistics are based upon the number of African-American women who go for treatment of same. I'm not sure how they've come up with the statistics, though, as, really, I never am! In any case, I am an African-American woman.

I was around 24 when I started having excessive cramping and bleeding during menstruation. Previously, I had had no problems with my menses at all. I had recently made friends with a woman who had had menstrual problems with all her menstrual periods since she started them. She was a Caribbean black woman and it turned out she had fibroids, too.

She had had a myomectomy before me and raved about her doctor. When I talked to her about my problems, she thought that I might be a "fellow" sufferer and that the procedure she'd had could help me. She introduced me to her doctor and I went to see him.

As she'd said he was very good. He was very considerate of women and seemed almost worshipful of them. He examined my uterus from the outside through my abdomenal wall, as well as doing a pelvic exam, and he told me that I had a large fibroid and that he would be glad to remove it for me. He also told me that he rarely did a hysterectomy on a woman who was still of child-bearing age, especially if she had no children yet, both of which were the case with me.

I had many adventures in the hospital, which I won't go into here, as they are irrelevant to the procedure. However, the doctor did a thorough examination on me, especially attending to my kidneys. He gave me some kind of radioactive dye, although after all these years I don't recall what it was, which makes the kidneys visible for inspection on whatever type of machine they used then to look at them inside the body. It made me sneeze and shiver because I was probably allergic to it. However, that didn't last long, although this procedure took about a half hour to an hour. The doctor then pronounced my kidneys perfectly fine.

The doctor took out the fibroid, which he did not save for me to see, even though I wanted to see it, saying that they did not do that. He had cut me lengthwise from my navel to my pubic mound. I had stitches (not staples), which needed to be removed after several days, the anesthetic gave me the dry heaves the first night while it was wearing off, and they made me get up and walk the next day. To my surprise, it didn't hurt, only burned a bit. I was afraid to move my bowels the next stay because of the straining, but again, all went well. I was in the hospital for seven days, which I think would be unheard of today, unless there were some complications. I also wasn't sure the doctor had kept his word and not removed my uterus, because my first menstrual period after the operation was late. However, it did finally come and the ones following it.

When the doctor talked to me after the operation, he told me that my ovaries were perfect: pink and healthy. He also told me that I'd lost a lot of blood, but that since the blood supply might still be tainted because of the new HIV epidemic (remember, this was the early '80s), and since I was young and healthy, that he would not give me a blood transfusion, but would give me iron pills to build up my blood (as I said, he was a very good and careful doctor; mindful of all details).

Although I have had some problems with my menses after this procedure, I am convinced that it wasn't because OF the procedure, as I have had several other problems which caused those. See my write-up on "Living With and treating dysmenhorria."

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Hi ladies,

I had my abdominal myomectomy 12 days ago today. I have a horizontal incision going across my bikini line. My fibroids were 5 inches, 3 inches and 1inches long; yes I did mean to say inches : ). The first few days were rough. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days. My oxygens levels were under 90 and my heart beat was moving extremely fast. Walking felt like death and took all of the energy out of me. Magically after about 10 days of pain, night sweats and weening myself off of pain meds of all types, I felt like I was healed. Of course I had some abdominal pain but it bearable and I could walk perfectly upright. My current situation (literally) is my menstrual cycle has started. Considering the abdominal pains from the surgery and the menstrual cramping, I am once again in pain; perhaps intense discomfort are the best words. Either way, this unlike anything I've felt before and I'm hoping these cramls are only relative to the first cycle after my myomectomy. Needless to say, after all that pain talk, I feel better. The myomectomy has allowed me to breath better, feel better, I've lost weight already and i don't feel as miserable as I did prior to the surgery.

Hello, my name is Linda. I had my Myomectomy Laparotomy in June. I am 4 weeks post op and I feel great. I did get an infection on my incision (cellulitis) and my Dr. gave me Keflex 500mg 3/day and it is working terrifically. I had originally had my surgery sceduled for a Wednesday but I started my period a couple days early so my Dr. pushed up to Monday so the surgery wouldn't interfere with my ovulation. I have not started my period yet. Before surgery I started on the 12th and the month before the 14th. Has anyone else had this issue? I am only 4 days or so late and I SERIOUSLY doubt I'm pregnant especially since I took 3 different pregnancy tests before surgery from the facility. Anyway, that's my story. Good Luck to all of you with upcoming surgeries.

Well ladies, love all the responses! Long story short. I had the lapraoscopic myomectomy surgery, feb 24/14. I was at the end of my period, and have been bleeding since, not crazy heavy, but bleeding. This past thursday, march 20/14, it seems like i got my period again, bleeding heavy with clots just like before the surgery! Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

I had a myomectomy done on me July 3, 2006 I was 38yrs. old. Since my surgery I have not seen my cycle since. I am now 45yrs. old now. My desire was to concieve a child which i don't think will happen now. I've been to a GYN Specialist, a Encronologist Specialist and no one can tell me what's wrong. I don't think that's normal. The doctor's told my parents that the surgery was successful. Also that my uterus was small that's it. Can someone help. Thanx

I am 4 weeks post op from a laparoscopic myomectomy. I had 2 fibroids removed (8 and 6 cm) I was doing and feeling well with my recovery during week 3 - severe sensitivity though with any gas pain and when I started to ovulate the first time since the surgery post week 2 that happened. Then my period came, but it was normally as heavy as it usually is. I didn't expect any miracles just yet to have a lighter menses.

The cramps however were incredible. It felt like someone was stabbing me from the inside! I am completely mobile now and went back to work at 3.5 weeks. But I may have overdone the physical activity around the house and I started feeling internal cramping again and heightened sensitivity and throbbing when I walk. It feels very much like I am ovulating again, but not sure if that is what is going on.

Right now I am taking it easy, seating my arse on the couch and no longer doing anything too much. My guess is that my uterus is still very sensitive and with too much movement lately, I've moved my muscle tissue that is still healing. Not smart.
I am fine when I am sitting still though :)

If anyone else post 4 weeks experienced lots of cramping and strange movement throbbing inside, pls post and share back. I hope this is normal!

I am 5 weeks in to it I have one more week off work .so I thought hay I have been feel pretty good so I can clean my house and put on a big bar-b-q for my mothers b-day will to night I am so sore. yesterday cleaned my house my legs throbbed in my legs today after the bar-b-q they are sore like I did a 5k run I am getting pains in my tummy know some one help me I don't know it I really hurt my self am a lil scared. what if I undid something in side me does that sound dum ? I just want to feel normal already

I had abdominal myomectomy two weeks ago. Everything is fine with me except blood spotting and discharge brownish discertion. How long will it take? My doc said it is normal and she seem it doens't matter. But it is weired and make me upset discharge from my bottom every day.
Please let me know who also have that kind of situation. How long those discharge will come? I m worried.

I was 30 years old when I discovered a lump in my stomach which turned out to be large Fibroid. I took lupron for over a year and then decided it was time to have the surgery. My doctor, GYN Richard Taylor, Kalispell MT, was great. He took the time to explain everything to me and explore all my options. He took every precaution to help me shrink the fibroid as well as save the uterus as I am newly married and have not ruled out kids yet.

I went in for surgery a week ago on Sept. 25, 2012. I was scared had never done surgery before. When I woke up I was in recovery and very groggy with a tube in my stomach emptying out the fluid they had put in. I had five incision none longer than an inch. Dr. Taylor removed the fibroid laprascopically. It was ten to fifteen times the size of my uterus, aka the size of my fist. I am on day six of recovery have been on pain meds, had some cramping and light bleeding. I am sore and had a reaction to the steri strips and the band aids apparently I am allergic to them as I got rashes and blisters. I went home the same day and slowly recovering. I also find I am tired and take lots of naps. I am hoping to never have to deal with this again. This has been a long and crazy thing but turned out to be a blessing as the tumor was huge. Hoefully the rest of my recovery goes well. I worry about everything i feel, lol,but am currently taking things day by day and feel blessed that things have gone has well as they did. I was spared from a hysterectomy and feel God has helped me thru this whole ordeal because it has been a difficult situation to go thru but in the long run I am pleased with the outcome so far as the healing continues to be positive. And the surgery was less scary than i had imagined.

Good luck and God Bless all you women who have been or are going through this. It is a hard thing to deal with but the medical professionals today do a great job.


Hi Paula, how is your recovery going at this point?

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing Paula, I hope my surgery goes as well as yours did!

Hi, I had an abdominal myomectomy two days ago. I'm in England. The operation was deemed a success, but I haven't had a bowel movement yet. I'm due to go home tomorrow. My tummy is swollen and hard. I still need to have my stitches removed. I've got one word of warning for you; if you have a drain put in prepare yourself for the worst pain you have ever felt<br />
when they remove it, I actually screamed out! My tummy is still really numb, I hope it gets back to normal soon. Good luck to all of u

Hello ladies, I am so happy to see this site! I am age 55 African-American women with fibroids the size of approximately a 5 month pregnancy. Went to see a surgeon two weeks ago who performs laparoscopic hysterectomy, but was turned off by "you only need that to have a baby" mantra. I am a holistic woman and believe that God has given us our uterus, ovaries, everything in one piece for a reason. Because of my age and because I have two (grown) children, the surgeon wouldn't consider me for myomectomy. So I am not going to schedule with him. My fibroids rarely cause pain, and when they do, its back pain because they start to enlarge; otherwise I have some pressure, no waistline whatsoever(!) and a bulky feeling in my tummy. When they are "small" they are quite manageable. I would LOVE to hear from older healthy women, preferably those who are changing their diets as they approach midlife (I recently went gluten-free, exercise, drink water primarily, mostly organic meats and veggies, nuts, etc) who are living with fibroids and are considering living with them into menopause, or considering myomectomy, or have had a myomectomy. Blessings to you ladies who have gone through the surgery, but I perceive you are mostly young women of childbearing age. I pray that those of you who are looking to become mothers are blessed with healthy babies!

I am 29 years old and was experiencing pain with intercourse and very painful periods, so painful that I had to go to the emergency room several times. The doctor performed an ultrasound and found a cyst on my right ovary and two fibroids inside my uterus.<br />
During a pelvic exam in his office, he suspected that I might also have endometriosis. After some discussion we decided it would be best for me to have surgery to remove the foreign ob<x>jects. My doctor gave me some other options, like taking medication and putting my body into early menopause, but that did not seem like something that I wanted to put my body through, and it was only a temporary fix. It would stop my body from producing eggs, which would cease the pain, but only for about 6 months and then it was right back where I started. <br />
I had my surgery 4/2/2012, which was three days ago. My doctor did a myomectomy and the surgery lasted about 2 hours. <br />
Waking up in recovery was rough, I was so groggy from the anesthesia that it was hard for me to talk and let the nurse know that I was experiencing pain. I also felt like my bladder was very full and that I needed to relieve myself by urinating, but the nurses kept insisting that it was just a feeling that I was having because I had a catheter inserted. This was the worst part of my surgery. Once I had woken up some from the anesthesia and was more alert (which took about 3 hours in recovery) I was able to communicate that I was in pain and got the proper medication to get my pain under control, they removed the catheter and I was FINALLY able to urinate (it took several hours before I could go) I ended up using a squirt bottle filled with warm water on myself to trick myself into going. I still have some burning during urination, three days post surgery. <br />
I have had very minimal pain, some abdominal discomfort, but mainly burning around the incision and some discomfort when I urinate (from the catheter) <br />
I was released from the hospital the following day, finally had a bowel movement yesterday and definitely have some pretty serious swelling and gas, but it is already going down and I have lost 5 pounds! The surgery is so worth it! Don't be scared! Pick a surgeon that you trust to answer all of your questions, someone who truly cares and know that the catheter is the worst part of the whole thing!

I am scheduled to have a myomectomy on April 2, 2012 4 days before I get my menstrual cycle. Does anyone know if this is safe? I cannot get in touch with my doctor for the next 48 hours and I am in a panic. Please help!

I was scheduled for my myo for in the morning but my doctor pushed it back bc I came on my cycle. Which I'm just spotting. Per my doctor she said it may cause me to bleed to much during surgery but after reading other post, they say that surgery can be done. Hope this helps.

I had my abdominal myomectomy a month ago. According to my doctor, I had a 5cm submusocal fibroid that almost took up the entire inner cavity of the uterus. Surgical bleeding was minimum and lasted about a month. I have been on birth control pills before and after the surgery, so I know my 1st period came on time 10 days after the surgery: a little cramping and some more bleeding than surgical discharge that week. I was happy when the 1st period was over because the amount of bleeding was reduced.<br />
However, my 2nd period came only 2 weeks after the 1st period was over. I am still on pills so it really disappointed me. I had this prolonged period problem before my surgery, it always started 7-10 days before the normal period week. Now this problem seems to hunt back on me again and I start to suspect if there is something else going on other than fibroid. Is this normal after the myomectomy?

MY Doctor is Sandra Angus form north central Hospital in Bronx New York although the hospital isn't that great staff wise my Doctor did a very good job and answer every and any questions you may have even if you ask it more than once she takes the time out to explain every bit of detail to you.

8 days before my surgery.... Went for a few test a few days ago and my fibroid has grown a bit. So nervous I may have to get a hysterectomy. Praying for the best.

What happened with you/update? I was scared to death of an emergency hysterectomy too. But am healing well and surgery went well. It will work out. Pray and be positive!

Anybody know of a great surgeon in Chicago?? I may need a Myo and am very scared. Never had surgery b4. Thx

I'm schedule for surgery on December 11, 2011... To close to Christmas, but I'm ready to get this done and over with. My GYN is a great doc, however b/c of my insurance he's not able to perform my surgery. He referred me to one of his associates, and boy am I terrified of her. Went for a consultation a few days ago with her and she was so blunt about the whole procedure. All the negatives, nothing position, unlike my doc. Anyway I'm gonna go ahead with the surgery, really cannot put it off again. I'm nervous as all hell but reading all these post makes me fell a little comfortable. I'll post again after the surgery. Wish me luck and God's guidance.

I had a myomectomy 12 years ago, to remove a submucosal fibroid.<br />
I woke up feeling great immediately after the surgery, but the next day I felt terrible - no energy, very low mood and aching limbs.<br />
I have never recovered! <br />
<br />
I wish I had never had the surgery... I experienced bad periods, but I could function, whereas now, I'm disabled and unable to leave my home.<br />
<br />
The thought is that the surgery affected my hormones somehow and induced premature ovarian decline. Unfortunately, I'm still experiencing what seems to be the menopause. I have been on HRT for years but my docs cannot stabilise my hormone levels.<br />
<br />

HI, I am a 40 yr old African American woman who recently had an open myomectomy just a week ago today. I had been diagnosed with fibroids 1 1/2 yrs ago from a routine visit with my general physician. At the time it was 8.2 cm in size, bigger than the average uterus. The doctor referred me to my OBGYN who suggested a myomectomy or hysterectomy because of the size and location. I was curious as to how it grew soo big and was never detected during any of my routine Pap's, etc. I never had any symptoms other than cramping during the first day of my cycle, but that was it. <br />
<br />
I was totally against sugery of any sort, as I don't trust doctors that much. I went to several other doctors to get their opinion and even did a lot of research on my own. I found a site that said you could break down fibroids by cleansing, exercising and eating a better diet. I was all over it. I was doing fairly well and found a holistic doctor who agreed with my approach and monitored my progress. We found that the fibroids were not getting any bigger, and were slowly shrinking. She was very encouraging and supportive. Shortly there after, I got pregnant and she didn't think the pregnancy would be a viable one because of the size of my fibroid but I had a healthy baby girl with very minor complications from the fibroid. I later decided to have them removed because they grew and were physically noticeable after I recovered from giving birth via c-section. I was referred to Dr. Abraham Shasoua at Illinois Masonic Hosiptal in Chicago, IL. He performed the surgery on the 12th of Oct. where he removed 5 fibroids in total equalvilant to the size of a football. Everything went well! he even took a picture of them to show me what they looked like. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days. Although he wanted to do a partial hysterectomy he complied with my wish to save and leave my uterus intact. I didn't want to loose any of my God given organs, eventhough, I know I don't want to have anymore kids. Overall I feel a little better, still sore and tender, but I'm glad I made the decision to have the surgery. Sorry soo wordy, I just wanted to share my experience....I hope this helps someone.

I had my open abdominal myomectomy last Thursday and was discharged on Saturday. I had two fibroids removed. The dr was pleased with how the surgery went and only took half the time they expected. I was pretty nauseous from the anesthesia most of Thurs and Friday but felt better Saturday afternoon. The first couple of days home were uncomfortable but I'm feeling better each day. I have been on ibuprophen and percoset but trying to ween myself off the percoset - have gone most of the day without it. I had a myomectomy because the dr was trying to do a hydrosonogram on me and could not even complete the procedure because of the size of one of the fibroids. A few people mentioned/asked about periods with the surgery. My period should have started this past Tuesday but we think the surgery "jump started" the period. I was bleeding, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and that's it. I'm actually hoping that's what my periods will be like now and if so, that alone was worth the surgery. I never knew how bad my periods were until I had such a light one. <br />
<br />
I have been very happy with my doctor, Dr. Anne Steiner, at UNC. The entire staff in the hospital was excellent.

I'm 5 weeks post-op - myomectomy to remove 50 fibroids. Recovery has been going very well. I'm always tempted to do more than I should, but my body won't allow. It is so important to rest to allow the body to heal. Prior to having a myomectomy, I lived with constant fatigue, was anemic from heavy periods, and even ended up in the ER because I nearly bled to death. For those struggling, find a good gynecologist/surgeon. Do your research and make sure that your doctor is current on the latest technology and research. Most important, make sure to find a doctor that listens to you and pays attention to your needs.

Anemia! Ughhh! Been there! Before my myomectomy I had 10 iron infusions(fereheim, infed and ferleciet) and one blood transfusion. My hemoglobin was so low, 5.1. There were times when I was so exhausted I couldnt get out of the bed for a week- LITERALLY. So exhausted I was breathing heavy/panting just walking to the bathroom. Be careful everyone, severe blood loss prior is a killer.

Hi, I had my myomectomy 2 weeks ago. I started my periods three days ago but i am little worried as they are painful, heavy with lots of clots( as i use to have before myomectomy). I am still taking painkillers and could feel the scar in my uterus. I do walk but get tired and breathless, although i am taking iron and calcium. Is anybody feeling the same after myomectomy? Are the first periods after myomectomy so painful and heavy?

Hi, I had my myomectomy 2 weeks ago. I started my periods three days ago but i am little worried as they are painful, heavy with lots of clots( as i use to have before myomectomy). I am still taking painkillers and could feel the scar in my uterus. I do walk but get tired and breathless, although i am taking iron and calcium. Is anybody feeling the same after myomectomy? Are the first periods after myomectomy so painful and heavy?

I had my myomectomy on February 28th had little to nothing bleeding after the procedure only the day after but had my period four days ago and I also had bad back pain and cramps and am also bleeding a lot with cloths I'm a little scared cause I seems to be bleeding more than before the procedure Is there anyone else that have this problem an is it normal? Can someone reply to us .

I had my myomectomy 7 weeks ago, and my periods are still heavy with clots and pelvic pain. I also have light bleeding and spotting in between. My doctor said to wait and see for a month or two more. He said one option is to put me on Lupron if the bleeding doesn't stop. Does anybody know of the side effects of Lupron?

Hello, I had my myo June 9th. I had two fibriods removed, and an ovarian cyst removed. I was lucky to leave the hospital the next day. Recovery was pretty good and quick, listen to your body.<br />
I have been feeling pretty good, however in the last week and a bit... I am back to crazy cramping.... has anybody else been experiencing cramping after their surgery?<br />
I was on Lupron for 6 months before my surgerys so i thought maybe my period was coming I had a little blood about a week ago, and now nothing just cramping???

Hello, I had my myo June 9th. I had two fibriods removed, and an ovarian cyst removed. I was lucky to leave the hospital the next day. Recovery was pretty good and quick, listen to your body.<br />
I have been feeling pretty good, however in the last week and a bit... I am back to crazy cramping.... has anybody else been experiencing cramping after their surgery?<br />
I was on Lupron for 6 months before my surgerys so i thought maybe my period was coming I had a little blood about a week ago, and now nothing just cramping???

I had myo on may 10th and i am still bleeding...I have no pain or discomfort just bleeding that drives me crazy...I am on the pill and taking my iron pills every day..Did someone had bleeding for this long...I am due my period in 3 days and i am still bleeding how will i know ?

Hello! In response to bleeding: I had my myomectomy January 10 2012. I am still bleeding 16 days later. I did not have lupron shots. The bleeding is slight, mostly when I wipe and does not fill up a pad. After my surgery I had severe blood loss and needed a balloon in my uterus. Dr took it out post-op day 2 and bleeding was down to the spotting I mentioned above. The bleeding is dark and thick, still freaks me out (paranoid something is wong!). My doc does not seem concerned at all. I am on Premarin for 15 days and then back on my birth control. Hoping bleeding/spotting stops when BC is started back up. Bleeding can be a bad sign after a myomectomy and can mean you need a hysterectomy. Today I passed a large blot clot and no bleeding after. Wondering if my activity level is too high (I walked 2 miles today but honestly I feel fantastic!)

Hello I had my myo on december12,2011 and i still feel pain in my abdomen and it is even tender if i touch it. My advice to you is please take it easy you may feel ok but your inside is still healing, i felt the same way i was cooking by christmas and even cleaning and doing my normal house work and believe you me i learn the hard way so listen to your body and take your rest even though its good to walk don't over do it, take it just a little at a time. But i must say i feel 100% better when it comes to my period, i have a lot of bleeding which my doc say is normal but as for the pain i was having before its long gone. so just take it easy don't over do it.

I had my myo. in October. I was on 6 weeks of bedrest/light duty/no intercourse. Then I had to wait 4 months before TTC. My first two periods were very,very,very light. The next was normal. My surgeon/GYN is wonderful. Her name is Dr. Julie DaVolio and I am in Texas (DFW area).

Hi ! I've had abdominal myomectomy 3 weeks ago and I can say I'm beginning to feel like myself again. Everything went well, they removed 3 huge fibroids. Uterus of a 6 months pregnant woman, that's what I had. <br />
<br />
I'm moving better and better everyday, it still hurts a little and my belly swells if I do to much...guess it's normal. I'm a bit stressed out about my first period too, but we'll see. They put me on Lupron Depot a month before the surgery and I have a month to go before the effects fade away. <br />
<br />
Just wanted to say, take your time and be positive and think of the possibility to be pregnant... for real this time ;)

Im having my surgery tomorrow morning and Im freaking out! Never had any kind of surgery and I dont know what to expect. I just hope they can save my uterus. Wish me luck!

Im just over 10 days post myo and starting to feel walking around...i had 110 fibroids removed...the 4 largest being was over 5 hours...but my uterus was saved and will start to TTC in 3 months...its important to drink lots of water, take vitamins, iron...and walk at least 4 times a day (even just for a couple of minutes) but listen to your body..if youre tired then rest...wishing everyone lots of healing energy and know you can get through this...

While I am a uterine fibroid sufferer as well and really appreciate everyones stories and accounts, why is it that no one who had a a great surgeon, has not shared their surgeons name, except one person? Wow!!!! For all the sharing here, that is one of the key elements to a healthy future for some of us. It is extremely hard to find a surgeon online and to know if they are truly great, other than word of mouth. I have been to several blogs searching for a surgeon that has a great track record with myomectomy patients as well as patients who were extremely pleased with their surgeons, but it's almost as if it's top secret! My expressed thanks goes to marystar1 for generously sharing her Doctor with us. <br />
<br />
Best of luck to you all...