Still Tired From Myomectomy

I had a myomectomy on October 31. It was supposed to be 3 hrs but when they began the procedure they found more than they bargained for. It ended up taking 5 hours and they removed 23 fibroids!!! The nurse said it was a wonder I could even walk. Well I couldn't the 1st & last days of my cycle, was bed rested for most of the day bcz of all the pain. I have had one cycle since then and it was absolutely Great!!! Hope it stays this way. Just recently (3days ago) however, I have been experiencing pain on my left side. On partial bed rest til Monday when I go to doctor. Will keep u posted.
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36-40, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Wow 23! I only had 3 and I thought that was bad!