I Had A Myomectomy Feb 23, 2010

I am excited to be on this site. Since my abdominal myo, I have many questions. First I will tell my experience, after surgery, I was out of it, the meds, I was on hd me on Cloud nine, needless to say, I don't remember too much, Day 2, I was in tramendous pain, and uncomfortable. My gynecologist came to visit me and informed me that I had six fibroids and 1 larger than my uterous!!!  Unbeleivable!, Day three I walked many times through out the day, had some gas but no bowel movement, nevertheless, I was allowed to go home. Now......When I arrived home, I was in so much pain, I couldn't hardly walk, or stand up straight. I had the worse time trying to sleep because I could ony sleep on my back. Unfortunantly, my back paid for it because now I have severe back aches along with abdominal pain. I went for my 1 week check up and my gyne removed the staples from my abdomin and placed steri-strips on it. I am still very tender to touch and at times i get a burning sensation in different areas of my abdomin, above and below the incision at different times. Today it's been 2 week post-op and i'm still very tender and have a needle like pain the comes and goes.My abdomen seems to be hard at times and it's round and swollen  like a beach ball where is that coming from/

Questions.......I was told that Its gonna take 6 to 8 weeks to recover, Why is that? The reason I asked is because, I was accepted into the RN Proggram 2 weeks before my surgery and I was to start classes Yesterday and missed days are not accepted or I would be kicked out, so I went to class Yesterdy and today, when I got home after 11 hrs of classes, I was in pain and exausted. I need suggestions or similarities?


Thank you for reading and replying:)

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I had a myomectomy January 17, 2013. My experiences are similar, although my fibroids were 28 week size. I am so glad I had the surgery, I only wish I had done it sooner.:) Immediately after surgery I lost 11 pounds...accd to my 3 day checkup..But.... I had trouble losing the bloated rounded swelling in my belly. It has now nearly four months post op. I decided to go on the Master cleanse/ lemonade diet to detox hoping to shrink my waist. Each day I have been measuring my waist. In my cicumstance, After only 3 days.. On master cleanse..my results have been 5 inches lost!... a substantial amount.....I am thrilled! It goes to show I was severely bloated still post surgery! (nothing seemed to work) & I desperately wanted to enjoy my figure again. I plan to continue the master cleanse until my waist is where I want it to be. I just wanted to share, if nothing else seems to work to remove the bloated (spongy)feeling...give the Stanley Burroughs master cleanse a try! It is a winner!

I looked at your post to find out what a 'myomectomy was', and found out you in a similar situation from what I was in just a few months ago. I think yours is more urgent, though. <br />
In my last year of my Masters program, I found out I needed back surgery. I've been in increasing pain since (get this) 1996, and it had gotten to the point where it was unbearable. I didn't even know surgery was an option, because I was misdiagnosed by my GP with arthritis 8yrs ago, and have been on useless anti-inflammatory drugs ever since. But when that wasn't working, I (finally) went to an orthopedic who told me it wasn't arthritis, and basically told me surgery was my only long term option for pain relief (my other options were 'deal with it' or 'be on pain meds for the next 40yrs' so obviously I went with surgery). So with 2 more classes of school left, I was terrified! What if I couldn't make it to class? Work is one thing: Short Term Disability has me covered there, but I really was looking forward to graduating this year! I can't keep putting off my life! Well, I scheduled the surgery for winter break. Then, I emailed the teachers during my break & told them how important it was to me that I graduated this year, and stayed on track. I explained that I would likely come to class with a walker or a brace. But they didn't care. In fact, they both encouraged me to stay on track & graduate. As it turns out, I healed quite quickly, and my class is a night class so I'm only there for a few hours. Your situation is a bit more intense - both with respect to the duration of the class, and the extent of your surgery. But if you want my opinion, stay on track! If you are the type of person that heals well, you WILL heal, and time just goes by, and you will not regret it. But if you regress HEALTH-WISE, that is, if you end up in the hospital, be sure to drop the classes & get your $$ back if you can. You always ALWAYS need to take your health serious first. I hope that makes sense. Oh, one more thing. Protein helps you heal. All girls know what diet shakes taste like. There's this website called www.unjury.com, and they sell these easily digestible protein shakes. You can buy samples to see if you like it. I like Chocolate & Sorbet. My mom likes Vanilla, too. But high protein is good for healing. And you're doing a LOT of healing. I don't have anything to do with this site, so I'm not selling anything. But I had bariatric surgery 10+yrs ago and they recommended protein. I really think this stuff helped me heal fast. Plus, it was really good. Of course, now it's 3mos later, and I'm sick of it. But I also took off some unwanted extra weight at the same time. Bonus! By the way, I'm still not 100% healed. So the 6-8wk estimate is the major healing. The inside / minor muscle healing - my Ortho said that takes up to 6 MONTHS! I'm so not looking forward to that. I'm actually doing really well. Good Luck with everything!