Nanny Tryouts

Well as some of you know my parents are having a baby and since they like to travel a lot and have their own lives they are looking for a live in nanny (governess as I am told)  for my new baby sister and they also would be in charge of watching us
Ever since June my parents have  been searching the country looking for someone, cant just be anyone they have to have experience working with infants and kids who have "behavior problems", after viewing hundreds of profiles and applications they finally narrowed it down to the top ten, and this week they were having interviews.
My parents told us to be on our best behavior and mind our manners.
Which if you think about it is really stupid, since we dont behave on a regular basis so why should we pretend to be good for someone who is going to live with us.

So Wednesday afternoon we got set up, I have always wanted to try this but I guess I just never was brave enough to do it, and since i love horses this new nanny has to be used to them too so this was a test. I got my horse Diablo, and  led  him towards the house, his big horse butt was too big to fit through the kitchen door, so with Erica help we got him through the front doors (it has two doors so it opened wide enough for him to fit.) I lead him to the kitchen and fed him some carrots, right then thedoor bell rang and my parents went to answer it and then they yelled "Alexia Erica come here a momemnt we want you guys to meet someone." I told Diablo to please be quiet I would be back in a few minutes and I went out to me our potential new nanny. "Rachel" a short middle aged brunette, she seemed impressed by my "How do you do, its nice to meet you" manners, but polite charm can be decieving;)
 We went into the great room so they could talk with her, and when she wasnt looking a slipped a little garter snake into her bag whahahahahahaha I know that is mean but she has to be comfortable around snakes and spiders otherwise this is not going to work out.
Me and Erica sat down on the couch and waited, Erica had been hiding behind my dad she can be shy when she meets strangers sometimes, but she wanted to stick around and see how this prank would turn out.
My parents talked with her, and she reached into her bag to get out her resume, when all of the sudden she let out a slight scream and froze up, ha ha ha ha ha she must have met my slithery little friend, my dad caught the snake and told me to go and put it outside imediately, he glared at me up i just  said "So thats where my snake went, look she is a good nanny already finding stuff that was lost." He just glared at me again so I took the snake outside.
When I came back inside my parents were explaining that sometimes me and Erica can be very "difficult" children but once you get to know us we are perfect angels, ha ha ha ha yeah sure thats what we are.
They we sitting there talking suddenly we heard a crash coming from the direction of the kitchen............. Oh No I forgot about Diablo, my mom looked concerned and said "what was that crashing?" I replied "Ummm nothing nothing just a ghost probably." I looked at Rachel and  whispered in a creepy voice "This house is haunted you know it was built on an indian burial ground."
She gave me a look that said "This kid is crazy."
We heard another crash sounded like a chair falling down, my mom got up and asked if Rachel would like something to drink, so they all got up and headed for the kitchen.
We followed quietly behind, a few seconds later we heard a scream and a gasp, and my mom yelling, "HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HORSE GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!" I ran into the kitchen and Diablo was eating the apples in the fruit bowl on the table, my mom looked shocked, she likes horses but having one in your kitchen I guess was suprising, my dad looked mad, and Rachel was horrified inching her way towards the door, I guess she is scared of horses and thats going to be a problem if she gets a job on a RANCH!!!
But our evil plan had worked, Rachel headed towards the door and said 'I'll consider your  offer and let you know, I'll show myself to the door." and with that she was gone, she got out the door and headed for the hills, my dad was chasing after her trying to explain " DONT GO,  Really they are actually well behaved kids, they dont usually do stuff this crazy!"
Clearly he doesnt know us very well ha haha, we didnt get punished just lectured and told not to meddle in matters that do not concern us. Which is lame to me since this is going to be OUR nanny.
But at least we had to rid of one, one down 11 more to go.

Thursday afternoon we had a similar plan, so after my piano lesson i went to my friend jakes house and asked if I could borrow his goats for a while.
"Nanny" also means a female goat so if my parents wanted one i would get them one ha ha haha.
I brought the two goats home and let them loose to roam around the house, then me and Erica went down by the creek to play.
We got a decent rain a few nights back so it was running pretty good and we went wading and slashing in the water.
And Erica would thought it would be cute to push me in this big mud puddle, and so I grabbed her and dragged her in too, I have always liked mud ever since I was little kid, it has been fun to play in the dirt.
We went back to the house and didnt bother washing off this was part of the plan, somehow a fight started and as you can imagine it didnt make the best impression when we were rolling around jumping on the couch getting mud all over the place with goats running around.
That was one of those moments when my parents were too shocked to start yelling, but this new lady didnt even say much at all she just said "Well looks like you are busy right now, i'll call you back some other time." and she was out the door.
My parents grabbed us we tried to grab us we were really slippery and my dad hauled us outside and sprayed us off with the garden hose, then we had to round up the goats and return them to Jake, but COME ON  you have to admit that is kind of a little funny, you know the nanny goats thing, anyway my parents were starting to get exhausted with us, so I have had a change of heart and I will stop pranking and give them a chance to find a nanny (human not goat ha ha haha) the only reason why I was doing this is because my baby sister isnt going to have brother or sisters her age when she is growing, so I want to make sure she has a really really good nanny.
And heck if she is anything where near what I was like as a little kid this new nanny is going to need ALL the experince she can get

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Nannies aren't so bad just do what I did for all the ladies that watched me............."let me stay up past my bedtime or I'm calling USCIS" lol

Tisk tisk Preston

Oh my gosh did you really do that

I threatened it but no I never actually did it