A Wilderness Fishing Trip!

When I was about 12 yrs old, My father took me and my three younger brother's on a wilderness fishing trip. We had a small car top boat, and a small 5 hp motor. We were small children so all four of us fit nicely in the boat with our Dad. We stayed near the river in a small clearing, used for camping. No water, no toilets, no electricity. As close as you get to a true wilderness. The camp was about a hours drive from the nearest store. The fishing was amazing! WE caught a lot of sunfish, big ones, and some small mouth bass as well.An occasional Northern Pike was hooked also. The fishing spot was about a 40 minute boat ride form our camp. We had a great time, but being young, we got restless. The river flowed through a canyon, the walls were high sand bluffs. From the water up the bluffs is about 300 feet. Since were were driving my Dad nuts, fidgeting and fighting, he pulled the boat over to the sand bluff, so we could get out and stretch and eat our packed lunches. My Dad took his seat cushion and laid down near the boat in the soft sand and took a nap! My three brothers decided to climb to the top of the bluff. I stayed in the boat fishing while I ate my sandwich. I looked up,and saw my brothers about half way up. they had run out of energy and were lying in the sun.I stood up to cast my line, and as I sat down, I felt something graze my head. suddenly there was a loud bang. As a softball sized rock clanged off the gas tank of the motor. it left a 3 inch diameter and 2 inch deep impression in the steel of the gas tank! I looked up, and my brothers were laughing and throwing stones at the boat. The noise woke my Dad, and that was the end of their fun. I often wonder, I f I had not sat down when I did, would I have survived the impact of that large rock?
I am sure I would have died before reaching a hospital.
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Out in the big outdoors,where we dont have access to mobile phone coverage, things can unexpectidly happen, just like this, the wilderness is a beautiful but dangerous place.

Well they never meant to hit me, but to splash me good with water. They just got too close. I never did find out which one threw it. I know the youngest did not, he was not strong enough to throw a rock that size that far. So One of the Twins did it! When my Dad saw the motor damage, he went white! he was so frightened about what had almost happened!

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at the time they let that rock go they thought it funny and when your dad woke they were not impressed and more. but realize they probably did not even no what they were about to do as kids. we do things to our syblings that could almost get them killed. my brother put me in a very bad spot many times and he just did not realize how close it was to what he could have done. it is called the good loard was looking after and over me for i would not be here now. i am glad that rock missed its mark.

Very dangerous fun! I bet, your father gave them a good telling-off.

yes they were very unhappy and their butt's sore for the next few days!