I Am A Coward

Many years ago ( pre children) my wife and I met at a surf side bar for a Tuesday happy hour.
Taco Tuesday! lol
We met some friends at the bar, found a table and pulled up some extra chairs.
The table next to us was vacant, at least I thought it was, so I borrowed a chair.
About ten minutes later a rather large fellow in a biker vest appears before me.

"That is my chair bro!" he growls at me.

I look around and there are twenty or so unused chairs? I am wondering why the fuss. He then get's in my face.
" Out my chair or I'll bust your ***!"
OK! I stand up, carry the chair back to the spot i found it. "Sorry dude, I didn't know" I respond.
"Your a yuppie aren't ya, I hate yuppies!" he snarls
Now I see that he is not concerned about the chair, just about me in my dress shirt and tie. I am trying to think fast. I can see he is getting angrier by the second.
"I assure you I am not a Yuppie, just a meek puppie " I joke, he is not even smiling.
"I tell ya what, If you forget about the chair, I will buy you and your buddies a round of beers" I am searching for some common ground here.

He turns to his four friends....."Beer is on my new friend here in the tie!"

Threat averted.

Now my wife says I am an idiot and a coward. I say, tis better to share a drink than an ambulance ride.

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2 Responses Jul 3, 2013

That was a great idea. I don't think its cowardly to find common ground, otherwise, not only would you had to fight him, but his 3 other friends. That should've been a sign that SHE wasn't the right woman for you.

Funny how there were these little signs all over the place that I missed?

I see no reason in fighting. I'll admit, I have a short temper but I will try to let things slide off of me. If things would have gotten more serious or if they said something about my wife, then yeah, things will get bad. She doesn't want me to fight so she's understanding about it. No reason getting hurt over chair lol.

Well there is a time to fight and a time to change the subject. lol