a Series of Unfortunate Events

It might not be the coolest story, but certainly a terrifying one for me.

My boyfriend (now husband) and I were traveling 6 hours away to his brother's high school graduation. We were going to travel there Friday night, go to the graduation on Saturday then travel home on Sunday.

On Friday we departed, and made it about 3/4 of the way there, when the battery light on the dashboard began to flicker. We stopped, tightened the battery cables and travelled on. The light was off for awhile, then suddenly, while on the freeway, the electric system on the car shut off completely. With no electricity, the power steering is gone, and it is almost inpossible to steer. He was finally able to get us off the road and onto the side.

*Strike One*

We called his father, who lived about 15 miles from where we stopped. He brought his truck and tools to help us move the car, which we were able to get to a local station. My boyfriend's brother also brought his truck in case he needed to tow.

We decided to leave the car and I was to ride with my boyfriend's father, and my boyfriend and his brother would follow. We headed out, but after about a mile, the following vehicle started honking and flashing their lights. We pulled over, and they screamed for us to get out of the truck. We of course did, and realized that the truck had picked up a large piece of cardboard on the bottom which was burning pretty badly. It fell out once we stopped, and we were able to move on.

*Strike Two*

The next day, the car was repaired and we attended the graduation. The graduation was in an outdoor stadium, with nice metal bleachers. What should start but an electrical storm that drove most of us out of the metal stands.

*Almost Strike Three*

We made it through the graduation alive, and headed home the next evening. We managed to miss the fact that there was supposed to be terrible weather that evening. We managed to run in to a severe thnderstorm, had to swerve to miss a few downed limbs, and avoided a tornado by less than five miles.

*Strike Three*

I was never so grateful to get home in my life.
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4 Responses Oct 10, 2006

That is so ... scary. Almost looks too spooky to be true! Looks like a scene from an very wicked twisted horror movie!

All the best.

that is super freaky.

looking out for you, or just out to get you...lol

Somebody's looking out for you, definitely!