Friggin' Suvs

I've fallen off two cliffs and been in three car accidents, but the closest I've actually come to dying was a couple weeks ago.  I stepped out from behind a bus, not really paying attention, and an SUV whizzed right by my face.  It was inches from me.  At the time I laughed and shrugged it off; I live in the city, after all.  Cars come within inches of me all the time.  Thinking back, though...that thing would've crushed me.  I was one step from getting pureed.

I worry about walking through bad neighborhoods late at night; I buckle my seatbelt in the car.  But if I die unexpectedly, it's more likely to be a second of not paying attention and an unfortunate coincidence.  I think that actually makes me feel safer, for some reason.  More free.
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1 Response Oct 10, 2006

I can understand that. All the best.