A Night I'll Never Forget

When I was 9, I got in a really bad car accident. I wasn't really injured or anything, but at the moment of impact, I thought I was gonna die. I was coming home from Meijers, and I was riding in the right-handed back passenger seat. I was clutching some change I had had tightly in my hand. It was on December 10nth, around 7 at night. Me and my mom where the only people in the car. My mom was going through the intersection, and some guy tried to make a fast turn, but didn't quite turn fast enough. We ended up hitting him head on, thank god we didn't hit the side of his car. I remember the impact, and all I thought at that moment was "so this is how it ends ?" I was so scared. After the Impact I screamed bloody murder. I screamed so loud, that some body another street down actually heard me, and came to help me later. I remember my mom asking if I was okay, and I replied "yes". I started crying instantly. I felt so banged up. I saw people in the car in front of us getting out. I saw the deflated air bags, and smelled the corn starch from them. I can still smell that to this very day. People were coming over to my window, and to my moms window, trying to help us out. I asked my mom if I should get out, and she said that I should. The nice people that heard me scream took me away from the car. The lady held me in her arms and I just kept saying "I never thought this would never happen to me!" Even though I've been in  4 car accidents, this one was the worst. Then I kept asking about my mom over and over again. The battery had gotten knocked out of the car completely. My mom was so used to using the button to unlock the doors, and she kept trying to unlock the doors with the button. She was so shook up at the moment that she wasn't even thinking about pulling up on the actual lock. So she eventually got out of the car. I remember the lady just kept comforting me, and telling me everything was okay, and that my mom was okay. I remember the perfume she was wearing smelled so good. At first I thought she was in the other car, and had gotten in the wreak, but then I realized she hadn't. It took the police and the fire department to get there, even though we had crashed right in front of a fire department. I remember the fire fighter asking me all these questions, like if I had been injured, and if I had been wearing a seat belt. Then finally after about 20 minutes my dad and Uncle came. I remember running up to my uncle and giving him a hug. It was so cold too! So the police officer was about to let me in his car when my grandma pulled up and picked me up. I was over at her house for about an hour, until finally my mom came back. They almost took her to the hospital. That is one night I will never forget.
toughchick101 toughchick101
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010