Swap Death By Swapping Seats

I feel lucky that I got out alive more than once. Some think it's coincidence but I'm grateful that I'm breathing. The last incident was in a car (Taxi). To be honest I was real high on drugs mixed with alcohol. There were 5 of us excluding the driver, 2 elderly women, a young lady, an elderly man and me. I was seated at the back by the window at first but later swap it with the elderly man who was seated in the middle at the front. He requested to swap seats as he said was not feeling well and I agreed without any thought. The drug began to give me more kick and my mind was not in the car but in another world.
Suddenly I woke up with sounds of screams and cries, and blood around me. I couldn't make out what has happened and slowly got out of the car. As I looked up I realize we had fallen off the road about 80 meters below and I became fearful that I was dead already as I could feel no pain and find no scratch. I thought it was just my worst trip and shook myself to wake up ro reality. But nothing changed. Then I was trying to climb up to the road without looking back.
As I was climbing some people came to rescue. I remember them asking, "What happened" "How many of you were there" "Are you the driver" "Is the driver drunk" "Are you alright". I said "No, I don't know anything, pliz". I was somehow relieved to know that I'm alive. Two people helped me up while the rest went down.
When I reached the road I looked down below and saw that the elderly man being carried up. He was not moving, he seemed to be dead. The rest were badly injured except the driver who seemed to be able to stand.
The man was brough up first and he was dead. Next an elderly women, she was still breathing but I am not sure if she made it.
As for me I escaped with minor injuries and wasn't even admitted to hospital. D
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Wow! An amazing story of being in the right place at the right time! Thanks for sharing it with us! And yes some seats are better than others... but you don't know until it's all done!