Another Inch And It Wouldn't Have Been "near"

I was diving and I decided to try my gainer for the first time this summer. I was imagining it over and over in my head, and I was think also about the danger. The weird thing about this dive is that when you get in the air, you lean backwards to either dive in or do a reverse rotation. If you know the dive, or you can imagine it, you might imagine that if you don't get far enough away from the board, you could slam your head against the board and maybe break your neck.

I've done this dive many times, and I've always had no trouble. The guy who taught me said not to worry because your forward momentum takes you far enough away from the board that there is no problem. But this time -- I have no idea what happened -- I leaned back and nearly banged my head against the board. I scraped my head against the board, which was something of a bang, but not nearly what it could have been. I was so lucky!

You know, sometimes I think that there are me's that didn't survive. Like every time I come close to death, there are, somehow, other versions of me that split off into alternate realities and they do get hurt. I came so close to serious injury that I can't even begin to explain it. The side of my head scraped perfectly down the side of the board. It was enough to scratch my ear (but not make it bleed) and to bang my temple enough to give me a headache, but not enough to make my thinking get cloudy.

The weirdest thing is that my hand on the opposite side of my body from the side of my head that got scraped (right side of head, left hand) got much more damage. I got a number of scratches that were bleeding (looked exciting but really wasn't) and I nearly tore a nail. It's all bruised there now.

I hit the water unable to believe I had not been seriously injured. It freaked out the life guards but good. But I swam out, no problem. I still don't understand what I did wrong -- how come I didn't got farther out over the water; how come I was injured on two opposite sides of my body. Could the contact with the board have twisted me so my hand hit?

I can't figure out what happened, and no one who was watching can tell me anything useful. A half an inch closer to the board, and I might be paralyzed or in a coma or dead. That's the last time I try that dive. I had been thinking I wasn't up for it ever again, but I guess this makes it really clear that that is the wisest thing to do.
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Old ancient wise Madam Furball says: To enjoy the waters of life more fully, one must move away from the boardom and then flip out! <br />
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I am glad to hear you were not severely injured. Whoa, that was too close! Yikes, you could have really hurt yourself.<br />
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I wasn't there, but the bloody evidence sure says you were not out far out enough from the board, but you were high enough. So maybe you moved up when you thought you were moving out. Then when you flipped, you came down just close enough to bang your head and hand.<br />
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either that or the wicked swimming pool trolls were at their devious moves when they moved the diving board closer to you after your lift! lol!<br />
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It all sounds like a metaphor about the challenges of flipping back over someone vs the board-um of loosing life energy.<br />
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Did you try it again? Being "far out," that is??? LOL!