Well, there isn't MUCH to it, but it was kooky. AND KOOKY IT WAS. It started one morning in Fifth Grade. After we said The Pledge of Allegience, and yada yada yada...and I sat back--FREEZE! If you payed close attention, you notice that someone accidentally (hopefully) pushed my chair aside quite a bit. ...And continue. I sat back down (or so I thought), NOT paying attention to what I was going to sit my tush on. Therefore, I fall backward and...BOOOM! Hit my head! And, trust me, it was more than bash on the scalp! It was like a...near-death experience. Creepy, isn't it? ...Yes, it is. And I actually saw myself...then I panicked like a looney-toon! It was totally math, you phycopath!!! So, I panicked for dear life for a couple of seconds...before I came back to life! Hence the story title, "Kyaaa!!!", since I panicked like a whimp in the afterlife! THE END!
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i had a near death experience once, i fell off a spining thing in my local park and i was unconsious for 5 mins all i saw was white light, didnt see my body though ..