Who Saved Me?

When I was about 8 years old, I went to stay at a hotel with a bunch of my family members. It was a nice little hotel with a pool and a hot tub. After spending so much time in the hot tub, I decided to get in the pool. I tried not to go in too deep because I was only about 4ft tall. Well, my foot slipped and I was in too deep and I started to panic! I was flailing my arms and kicking with my legs, but I wouldn't move. I remember everybody was just standing there looking at me and yelling for someone to help me. The water kept coming in my mouth and when I tried to spit it out, more came in. To this day, I don't remember anyone getting in to help me, but I did get out
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Omg, if I was in your position I would've been scared of getting in the water again! It's awesome that you taught yourself how to swim! :D

aaah i also taught myself to swim

No. I was scared when I was learning to swim , though, because I was teaching myself. I like swimming now

damn thts pretty scary, are u afraid of swimming nw?