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After my grandfathers death we discovered grandma had Alzhiemer's.  We moved her in with us & she stayed here  until she passed away in her sleep.  I was always very close to her but caring for her as she did me when I was small built a special bond.  I took her death hard.

My doctor put me on a medication called Serequel.  Now normally I would just begin new meds with no meation to anyone, but for some reason I announced to my husband that day that I had gotten this new medicine & I was going to begin it.  My husband said that within 45 minutes I was out of it.  He assisted me into the living room and put me in the recliner where I went to sleep.  He decided to take a nap also because he worked third shift.  He stated that after about a half hour he felt that he needed to check on me.  When he came into the living room he knew something was wrong.   My lips were purple and my tough was black & hanging out of my mouth.  My daughters, 18 & 15, began yelling at their dad to call 911 as he was shaking me trying to wake me up.  He called 911.  When the paramedics arrived I was dead. I wasn't breathin nor was there a  heart beat.  I was told that they shocked me then tubed me.  As they were loading me into the EMS I awoke.  I remember asking how long I had been in the ditch.  I thought I was in a car accident.  Then I blacked out again.  When I awoke again in the emergency room it felt like I was being electricuted.  My body was in shock.  Later we found out that because I have a condition, MHS, malignate hypothermia syndrome, I can not take any kind of anti-sycotic drugs.  Because MHS is anestestic allergy, I had never discussed it with my family doctor.  I had to go to the doctor every 3 days for blood work because it had messed up my whole system.  My point to the story is that you should discuss every little thing with yoiur doctor and when you begin a medicine that you have never had before let someone know that you are beginning a new medication.  JUST IN CASE!

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I hope you're well :)