Death In the Middle of Nowhere.

On a pitch black Thursday morning, say around 4am, my sister and I were driving along I-95 somewhere in Georgia. Well, my sister was driving. We were on our way from Florida to Ohio. We started driving at about 9pm the night before, and were planning on driving the whole night, up until Friday afternoon. I finally began to fall asleep, and I was half way there when *SCREEEEEEECH* woke me up. I open my eyes too see us screeching back and forth across the 2-lane highway. What had happen was my sister was driving in the right lane, and there was a truck so she pulled into the left lane to pass it. After passing it, right before she was going to move back over, there was a tire in the lane. I'm talking, a tire... a full semi-truck 18 wheeler big black tire. It was on the left side of the lane, and that's where the car hit it. This is when I woke up. I opened my eyes to see us swerve across both lanes to the right shoulder, then back to the left, and back to the right again. I remember thinking, "****, she's messing with me." But after realizing that the incredibly LOUD screeching noises were coming from my car, I realized we almost died. She finally gained control and we pulled to the side.

We took a look at the car to see the damage - the left fog light was torn out, the cover about the left wheel was ripped off, and there was a mess of rubber on the lower part of the bumper. The problem was the cover above the wheel, because it was dragging on the ground and we couldn't drive with it like that. Even though the one flashlight we had wasn't working, my sister went MacGyver on my car. We used a mirror I had to reflect the headlights light so we can see the damage. She took a string from one of my bags and tied the cover above the tire back on by going through the hole in which the fog light used to be in. All while this is going, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It was so unbelievably scary sitting on the shoulder like that in the middle of NO WHERE on this dark highway. All you could see were trees, and we were miles from the nearest Georgian "city". When the trucks would come by the wind would literally blow you over. If the car would have flipped when we were swerving, we would have died. I had my entire life in that car, including a TV that was sitting in the back seat right behind me - and it wasn't wearing a seatbelt! No doubt that thing would have smashed my head in. Even if we would have survived, everything I owned would have been all over I-95. And now that I think about it, how long would it have taken for an ambulance to even GET there?!? We were in the middle of NOTHINGNESS! Needless to say, this probably WAS the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

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Wear the seatbelt, always ! It saved my life in a car accident years ago.
All the best.

I guess your Guardian Angels were with you that night! One of the problems with driving at night is this inability to see unexpected obstacles on the road that are out of range of the headlights until too late...<br />
Good that you both survived!

omg i feal so sorry for u it puts a tear to my eye..<br />