My Near Death Experience

Hi everybody.
I am a 42 years old Danish man, when I was about 24 years old did I maybe have a near death experience, I was living a rather wild back then with lots of parties, drinking and drugs, then one late evening where i have been to a party all day and been drinking alot and takeing alot of drugs, i went home to my flat where i did live alone, i remember that i did pass out on my bed with all my cloths still on.

But then suddenly did i stand beside my bed looking down on my lifeless body, and then a second later i was standing in orbit looking down on Earth, from earth could i see very small bright lights just like fireflyes coming from earth and into the dark space i was standing in and flying into a kind of a orbe or big ball of light, the small light flying up from earth was human souls flying into the big ball of light thats was what you understand as god and heaven.

I remember as i was looking at earth it had the same size as a orange and heaven/god was as the size as a golfball, i also remember that i knew everything about my earth life and what was going to happen in the future, but i also knew everything about all other soules and there earth lifes, every smell, every dream, every feeling and all the life experience every soules ever have had, i knew everything about god/heaven, i knew everything about everything both in the parst the begining, the present and the future, i really felt like i had the complete knowledge of everything.

I also had a very strong feeling that i was almighty and could do anything i wanted without any limits at all, at some point i did start to look down at my self, i was not glowing light like a firefly like the other soules, i had a kind of a human body but with no face, nose and ears, i had a human ghost shape, i was complete black allover, on each side om me holding my hans was 2 very small grey shapes looking up at me like kids looking at the father/mother, the 4 gray shapes was always with me, 2 on each side of me, they was my helpers, behind me i felt there was many other small grey shapes standing ready to do my willing what ever that might be.

Then suddenly i felt it was importan to get back to my body here on earth and wake up, and the next thing i remember was wakeing up in my bed all ice cold all over and i couldnt breath, somehow i wasnt that drunk og doped anymore and i manged to jump up from my bed and stand up with my head down toward my floor, my nose and all of my mouth and troath was fill with womit that did spray out on my floor, and then suddenly i could breath again and the air felt like fire in my lungs the first couple of time i did breath again.

After i had started to breath again did my still cold body fall down on my floor and i suddenly felt num all over for a few seconds, then i felt my warm blod rush into my legs and arms and i could start to move my arms and legs again.

Many days after that night was i rather sick from the drinking and the drugs i had taken to that party, and i desided that maybe it is a very good idea to stop drinking and taking drugs, so i did stop doing both drinking and drugs and havnt been drunk or taking drugs after that time.

I am not a church going man and had never before that experience been thinking much about god and all that, i was just a young guy living a wild life back then, but after that experience have i changed, i do believe in god and in the things i did see, i strongly feel there i a purpose for me here in this world we all know as life, but i dont remember what it is, there are so many things i dont remember from my experience, it went ways when i come back to life, i only remember then things i have been writing here, but i remember one more thing and that is that we all are here in life to learn, and everything we learn here will be shared on the other side, everything is importan.

I dont know if a really did have a near death experience or everything just was a dream beside the coldness of my body and the fact that i couldnt breath when i wake up in bed because of my womit was blocking my air ways, but one thing is sure it has changed me and my life in so many ways and have help me becoming a much better person also toward other peoples that i ever have been before in my life, i also today believe in god strongly, but not so much the bible because what i did experince was nothing like whats the bible says about the other side.

Forgive me if my tekst maybe is a little messy, but its actually the first time in my life i tell anyone about my experience i had.

Best greatings.
A Dane
zac1 zac1
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I do not believe in the Angel Lucifer' Satan and hell fire....I believe in Love, A higher power,, evilness is a part of Man,,,I fear no evil after my two easy to blame A fictional demon for your evilness, The opposite of love is not hate..the opposite of love is selfishness...there is no debating this fact.

Not A N.D.E...that was a out of body experience. millions of life changing experiences have been documented...There is no Bright light shining down from another heaven or dimension 'not in a true Death Exp. the only way I can describe the light' it envelops everything' like a florescent light, very soothing, calming light. I was 8 yrs of age. laying on my bed, face up' very ill, I floated up to the ceiling (Experiencing anxiety and fear of floating). I was feeling trapped by the ceiling, I rolled over' looked down at my bed' there was nothing body was gone' not enough time to elaborate. not a outer body journey...this is kinda frightening. the next moment' I passed through all the material objects' I had a noticeable feeling of rising up. could not see any earth or material object. I will share this' I met my Grandfather, great grandfather, and another man' .my grandfather passed more than 10 years before I was born. 20 years later' I found a photo' 4 generations of men...I knew them all...Is this a D.N.A. related thought? dream?.or a true passing to the other side?.Everyone in this world is linked, just as the entire physical world is a part of you and I.. I do not use the words..Died' Death of a Person etc. ...Passed on' passed through is a more realistic and positive wording...there is so much more to my need to will have your own,, is the reason we are here...simple as that.

this experience was incredible . I do wish that you can show me what you meant with the comment you left to humble apollo when we meet in the other side as well. Its funny, I never had an NDE ever in my life, yet I've been feeling for a long time the same way as you commented when you mentioned about evil and hell being here on earth !!! by you mentioning this, it only confirms what i've been feeling... your the type of person that I wish I could have as a friend ~~~

In my near death experience did i write about looking at my self and seeing myself as a big ghost shape that was complete black allover, most of us have learn from christianity that white is good and black is evil, in some other culture is white bad og black good, but that is a thing we all have learn here in this world and it has nothing to do with what i did experience on the other side, i did NOT feel or experience anything evil at all, there was NO hell or satan and i really believe that hell and satan has been invented by priests to gain power over people by putting fear into them, as is if you dont believe in your priests you will go to hell and if you dont pay taxes to the priests you will go to hell and so on.<br />
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The only thing i did experience and feel was love and understanding and nothing evil at all, the truth is that the only thing that is close to the hell christianity describes is life on earth, because in this world is there evilness and pain and NOT on the other side.<br />
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After my near death experience have i been thinking alot about why i remember some of it and have gain the knowledge i have today, but i have come to that conclusion, that its because i have to tell other people about my experience and help other people in life and maybe set there minds free, and most important, to tell other people that they shall stop hate each other because we are all one big lifeform and we should also not destroy this world, because hate and destruction will only hurt our self.<br />
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If we as humans wanna survive in this world we have to move on to a higher step of evolution and that step of evolution is not something that will happen by it self in 1000000 years from now, no that higher step of evolution is something we have to work for our self and do it NOW because NOW is the time for it to start..<br />
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I wish everyone a wonderful and free life.<br />
The Dane.

Hi HumbleApollo<br />
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Also thanks for your comment, you did ask me a question, my answar is, I was myself but also everyone at the same time, it shal be understand like this, i was me but also apart of everyone and everyone was also a part of me, we all are ONE big lifeform separated into many lifeforms, I hope you understand me but if not your very welcome to ask me again.<br />
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You also ask me about the future and how i could know the future, its like this the future is not fixed, the future or grand plan as i call it can be changed but only by the one who has the power to do so, and the future wil not be changed, there is a grand plan with everything, changeing the grand plan means changeing the reason for everything, its little differcult to understand, but I will give you a promise, when we both are no longer in this world I will show you what i mean and you will understand.<br />
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I also wish you a wonderful life.<br />

Hi Patty<br />
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Thanks for your comment, yes I also believe that I was dead and yes i also believe i have been very lucky because i did understand to change my life to something better :))<br />
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I Wish you a wonderful life and remember dont be afraid of dead its life that hurts you.<br />

zac1, thanks for sharing this great story. Many philosophers and thinkers have tried in vain to comprehend what you just saw with your own eyes. Considering this is a very important knowledge, that may make people more educated spiritually, may I ask you a question? What do you mean when you write about knowing everything about each person? Were you that every person? Or were you still yourself, such that own self had slightly more importance to you than other 'selves'? Also, how can it be that you knew the future? Was this future 'fixed' once and forever in every infinitesimal detail or could it be changed by altering the present? Thank you.

I died and came back too, I have written a book about my experience called 'Dying At Dawn by Kady M on Amazon. After I died I could feel the emotions of my loved ones still here and I felt I was part of them! I didn't want to come back but I was told it needn't be my time yet and I was sent back into my body that was still able to receive me back. Love and a caring heart is all that matters in this life and the next. My experience has changed me for the better.

Hi Dane,<br />
Your story is very compelling. It sounds like you died and was saved in the same day. You were a lucky guy and it sounds like the experience was a big wake up call. I'm glad to hear that your are living a clean life.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your honest story.<br />
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Have a great weekend.<br />
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