So What If Helmets Aren't Cool....

I had bought the motorcycle a few years earlier to help with the high cost of commuting to work. As usual, I arose early, got dressed with my riding suit, boots, gloves and helmet, and started down the heavily congested highway.  
Traffic had slowed to a crawl. I was lane splitting, driving slowly between the lanes of traffic, which is legal in this state. Suddenly, as I was passing a gravel truck, my bike went down. I never found out what caused this. Conjecture is that some gravel may have hit me in the face shield of my helmet and startled me. Whatever the cause, I fell into the path of the rear wheel of the gravel truck, which – get this – DROVE OVER MY HEAD!!!
The truck driver never knew he had hit me, and kept on going. The driver of the car behind him stopped, horrified. He approached cautiously. H said later that he had truly expected to see “a helmet full of goo.” Instead, I was apparently conscious. The highway patrol showed up quickly, followed by an ambulance. At the hospital, they ran a myriad of tests, and were greatly surprised to find me in such good shape, relatively speaking. There was no head or spine damage. I broke my right ring finger in the joint, and they had to set pins in it. (Fortunately, I am left handed.) I broke a molar. And…I tore my right triceps off. They had to reattach the muscle and teach me to use my arm all over again.
Physical therapy was long and painful, but I’ve fully recovered from an accident that everyone thought should have killed me. The moral of this story is, always wear your helmet.

Of course, I’m not too crazy about gravel trucks anymore.
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Helmets are not cool. Helmet hair is even less cool. Being dead is the least cool of all! Wear a helmet, stay alive and make a point of being cool when a helmet is not rquired!