I'll Be Home For Christmas .. I Hope

It was two days before Christmas, and I only got one week off from work, so at the end of the day, I loaded up my car and started the long drive from Alabama to my parents’ house in South Carolina. I had promised, however, to go by way of my brother’s house in Tennessee. He needed to take a large trunk back to the folks’, and my car was a bit larger than his was. It was late, and he suggested that I stay the night at his house. But he didn’t have much room, and I didn’t want to put him or his housemate out. Besides, the year before, I’d been caught in a blizzard, and almost didn’t get home in time for Christmas. And, it must be said, I’m stubborn. So we put is trunk in my back seat and I got back on the road.
About two hours later, I realized that I was very tired. I was on the outskirts of a town where I had some relatives, so I started looking for my exit, thinking I’d ask if I could spend the rest of the night there. I had the radio turned up loud, singing along with Christmas music as I tried to stay awake. Then it happened. The radio station started playing “Silent Night.” This is just about the worst song you can listen too if you are trying to stay alert while tired. The only song that would have been worse would have been “Brahms’s Lullaby. “ The next thing I knew, I’d drifted to the left and hit the meridian. Overreacting, I jerked to the right, crossed all lanes, and went up the embankment. The car seemed to be moving in slow motion as it flipped over. I remember thinking, “The car is turning upside down, and there isn’t anything I can do about it!”  When the car stopped, I tried to open the door, but it was stuck. This frightened me somewhat, but suddenly, the door was yanked open. A truck driver behind me saw the accident, and wanted to get me out quickly, in case the car caught fire. I released the seatbelt and hit the roof. (The doctor later determined that this caused whiplash.) After I got out of the car and looked at it, upside down, then I got really scared, thinking what could have happened. Fortunately, I landed in a ditch. The roof of my car was lowered about 6 inches. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had landed on level ground. I was also lucky the trunk was as large as it was. It was pretty well wedged into the back seat. If it had been any smaller, it would have likely hit me in the head when the car flipped.
The highway patrol took me to the station, where I called my local relatives. I spent the rest of the night there and, when it was determined that my car was safe to drive (fortunately, I’m short.) I drove on the rest of the way to my parents’. I did get home for Christmas, but I’d have been there faster if I hadn’t been in such a rush.
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2 Responses Oct 17, 2006

I would seriously advice to throw a few heavy metal cds into the car next Christmas, you will arrive with one big headache, but at least you arrive in one piece and it is guaranteed you will not fall asleep! It works for me, loads of coffee and heavy metal, spcially to drive late at night. Hope you are well.

wow what an interesting story, maybe next time silent night comes on, you'd be best to change station lol. <br />
im sorry i cant help it it is quite amuseing what with it being because of your own stubboness.