the Joys of Motherhood

It was my second pregnancy. Having carried my daughter nine whole months without a problem I was looking forward to an easy birth. It was a Saturday afternoon i had just eaten lunch and was sitting down feeling fairly full and content with myself.  I went to get up and felt an excruciating pain. I couldn't stand.  Calling out to my husband who couldn't hear me because I couldn't get a breath in, I gasped for help. Finally when he seen me he helped me into the car and off to the hospital we went. Finally we arrived and  I was ready to give birth. I was in full labor and it was too late for a painkiller. It was a very painful birth and then she arrived my daughter Rebeccah. I was relieved for a couple minutes before the second wave of pain hit me. These pains were worse than the labor itself and the midwife gave me a pain killer. I felt better for a few minutes then the midwife tried to massage my uterus back into place that's when the problems began. She looked alarmed and tried for what seemed a couple of minutes but must of been less and called for the doctor. She couldn't get the uterus to go down into the right place and i started to hemorrhage. It was then that she called for the doctor. I remember a tremendous amount of blood and worrying. I didn't want to die and the midwife was in a panic. As I was being wheeled into casualty I started to lose my eyesight, everything became distant and was praying that I would not die in Great Britain. At the time  I was married to a Scottish man and living in the United Kingdom. When i arrived at casualty the doctor ordered blood products for a transfusion. Holy crap! At the point as silly as it may seem and disoriented as i was i thought please let the blood be good. Worrying about possible HIV contamination should of been the furthest thing from my mind but the thought had occured to me. At the same time the doctor was going into my vagina with his hand pulling out clots of blood that were half the size of the baby herself. Finally they started to transfuse me which was uncomfortablei could feel pressure when they started the blood i.v. the doctor thought that was silly but then i started to get the chills worse than any flu I ever had. The chills started from my feet and worked up my body. I was shaking all over. I was having a reaction to the blood. The doctor ordered hydrocortisone and gave me a shot. Let me tell you I felt a slight burn in my armpits,crotch and face when they gave it to me. Finally I was stable but what a long day.
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Hope you are well. What a scary situation.

i'm glad your ok now