a Horse of a Story

I was 16, my cousin 15 and we knew some local hotties were at the local volunteer fire dept. training week.   We decided to show up during their lunch break.  The local "rebel without a cause" showed up with a friend (both cute) on two horses.  My cousin and I were flirting like mad and asked if we could sit on the horses.  We did, and the horses were a bit skittish.  She let out a scream, and we were off - like a shot.  Her horse rounded a building, mine decided to try and unseat me by bolting close to the roof ledge, last second thinking saved me from being decapitated.  My cousin kept on screaming, I was in frozen shock as we barreled towards the busy highway of Rte. 211 (goes directly to the Blue Ridge Mountains).  The horses got to the road and got even scarier dodging the tourist traffic and rearing to continue to unseat us.  How we both stayed on is still beyond my imagination.  I could hear the guys in the background screaming at us to stop (as if we had any control).   The horses took off again heading towards the local church.   They split up - mine going left, hers right.  My horse stopped immediately in front of the grave stones, throwing me over him and I landed right on top of my grandfather's grave, but just short of hitting the stone itself w/ my head.  I literally flew over the horse, did a complete flip and landed on my butt. 
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2 Responses Oct 23, 2006

Ok, this is amazing and scary at the same time.

wow that's a little weird landing on top of your grandfathers headstone. I would of took that as a message of some sort or maybe a visit to his grave was long over do for you lol but seriously I would of been more weirded out by the landing rather then they take off. Well I'm glad you weren't hurt.