Instent Reaction

Today has been a hell of a day for me, lol.,
someone must really love me up there, I naroly escaped 2 acsedents, today.
I was walking home from college, when I head this skidding noise, I only just maneged to look back just as I saw this motor bike heading toward me, I sort of did a wierd dive to get out of the way in time, It worked It narrowly missed me, but as I was on the road I looked up to find a car driving straight at me, the woman in the car put her break on just as I rolled over so that It would'nt hit me, I bearly got away, as the car came to a stop..." Phew", as I got up, the motorcycalist that had lost control of his bike and skid around the corner and the woman in the car plus many bystanders, ran up to me and asked i I was ok, hehehe, I was fine, just a bit shaken, but I yet again have lived through a accedent,.
As I say your life is planed out, you wont go until its your time, and Ive got a while yet ...
Love and light xxx
firebird firebird
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2008