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Well...My story is nothing to brag about and this is the 1st time ever sharing it...with anyone except people who were present at that time.

I was 12 years old and long story short I made a decision after another fight with my mom one morning before school that I was going to kill myself and end the torture feelings inside myself. I took a bottle of Disiphremine and a coke and got on the bus. Arrived at school and went and locked myself in the bathroom after the bells had rang. I downed the pills and coke and waited....and waited. Alot of details of that day are blurry...kind of like bits and pieces I remember (like a dream) and I remember someone calling my name. It was my friend Linda who came looking for me cause she had already seen me go into the school but not into class. She ended up breaking the door open and I remember my mom walking into the school, she gave me the most hateful look and I remember her yelling at me on the way to the E.R. I remember a bunch of commotion once we got there and she told them what I had done. Next thing I remember I was 'above' myself so to say and was watching a group of doctors and nurses fussing about and around me and one of the (a guy) was calling me saying "Dusti, when I put this tube down your throat, I want you to swallow" I was incoherent and i was looking at myself, my eyes were closed, but I must;ve been alive because they were all yelling at me to swallow! Then I watched as he shoved this tube in my throat and just like a reflex my arm grabbed the tube and started pulling it out and then this coal or whatever liquid started flying everywhere on everyone. I remember distinctivly watching this as if I was a bystander in the room looking at someone else. I cannot understand why to this day as from all I know of Near Death Experiences most people have loss of all vitals...??? I don't know if I did, but noone ever told me, so I assume not. I don't remember much after that except waking up in a hospital room the next day I think it was. Still gives me chills and I'm just glad I was blessed to live and learn.


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All the best. Hugs.

Forgive my ignorance, but don't atheists have no belief in God? But they still might acknowledge the fact that there's more to a human than what can be seen with the physical eyes... And that's what's pointed to by your experience.<br />
I guess it wasn't your time to go... congratulations on staying! You'll be glad you did - being born again as a baby and growing up is such a messy and inconvenient process, before you become an empowered adult again, able to decide for yourself what you're going to do in life.<br />
Hope you have a good one!

You must have had an out of body experience. Maybe you should look into this. Many people would love to be able to have an OBE. It might have been a one time experience brought on by the great stress you were under, but it could be that you have an innate abilty to leave your body. This can lead to many adventures.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry about your terrible experience. Has your relationship with your mother improved? It's hard to understand how someone could feel anger instead of shock and panic when their child has tried to commit suicide.

What happened next?

I could never imagine seeing myself out of my body. I always thought that when it happened to people they lost all their vitals, but I guess that is not the case. I'm glad they were able to save you and that you are alright.