Stupid Doctors...

I was in third grade and was feeling very sick. My stomach hurt really badly and I was throwing up. I was out of school for about two weeks. My parents took me to the ER and they looked me over. "Stomach Flu. Plenty of liquids and rest is all she needs. She'll be fine." They sent me home and the sickness continued.

My parents brought me back to the ER two more times and called my doctor and they all said the same: "Stomach Flu, it's been going around"

My parents took me to see my doctor. I'd been sick for a long time. He looked me over and poked my belly and finally he said "take her to the hospital, now!"

At the hospital, they poked me some more and my memory gets very fuzzy here. I do remember one doctor had to put his fingers up my butt to feel inside. I was so out of it, I didn't put up a fight. Crowds of doctors and nurses were all around me, whispering as it seemed. I had no idea what was going on.

I saw my parent's faces go into shock as some of them said something to them. I remember that they told me they were taking me to surgery. If I didn't go now, I would die.

I remember a glimpse of being in the surgery room and they put a mask over my face and told me to count backwards from 100. The next thing I remember is a bunch of doctors and nurses all around my bed, running as they wheeled me down the hallway. I remember my mother was there. I tried to talk, but I couldn't. I had a tube running down my throat. I fell back into a sleep.

I woke up again in a hospital room. My parents were there when I woke. I still couldn't talk very well, but at least the horrible tube was gone. My parents explained it to me. I had an appendicitis. My appendix got infected and it burst. If I got to the hospital two hours later, the poison would have gotten into my blood stream and I would have died. I had to go into surgery so they could take it out and clean up the poison. So much for the stomach flu...

I was in the hospital for at least two weeks, recovering. At least the nurses were all really nice to me. They closed up my scar with staples instead of stitches. They had to take them out. I remember them removing the staples, one by one. They hurt really bad coming out. The last two were stuck and they had to come back the next day to take them out. I bled for a week after I was sent home. It was summer by the time I was healthy enough to go back to school, so I missed the last part of it.

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So sorry to hear that. Hope you are well. All the best.

I am sorry you had an uncomfortable experience.<br />
<br />
I was luckier as I got to actually drown and experienced the tunnel, the light, and the great darkness. Perhaps if you had experienced more you wouldn’t be so narrow minded.

That is so awful...I had to have an emergency appendectomy, but the doctors were able to identify what was wrong with me within an hour of me showing up at the ER. It's scary to think that someone you literally trust with your life couldn't diagnose something as commonly seen in medical practice as appendicitis...

that is exactly wot happened to me, i was left with 2 huge scars across my belly, and i now have a severe phobia of anything medical.<br />
my parents didnt even tell me half the stuff that happend to me, i found out from people later. i dont know if u handled it better than me, but if u wanna talk im here.