Almost Dead Twice

I had a near death experience 2 years ago. i had gone to the hospital 6 times with complain of pain in my tummy to be told that i had gallstones and that i had to see a surgan to do anything. i was in hospital every 2 days with this pain and they kept sending me home.  after spending a night in there they yet aagain sent me home with an appiontment to see a surgan the next day wich i did. i walked into his office and he sent me straight to the hospital. in 2 hours my gallballed burst as they were opening me up. i almost died and they told me i was lucky when i regained consinouse. i had a gallstone the size of a 50cent piece. i would say the pain i had was worse than having my 2 children.


When i had my daughter 3 years ago my placenta tore into pieces and i almost died from bleeding. it took the nurses 45 mins to stop the bleeding and was getting to the piont of a transfusion. i had huge brusing on my stomach and sides from the pressure of the nurse holding me still and putting pressure to stop the blood flow. i passed out a few times and dont remember much. only my husband holding my hand.

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22-25, F
Oct 28, 2006