Oh Daddy How I Love You

i was 6 or 7 years old probs younger and i was at a lake with a couple other kids and my dad and his friends i didnt know how to swim and i had forgtten i took my life jacket off and jumped in sank right to the bottom of the lake i remember hitting the bottom i also remeber not having the urge to breath like it didnt even matter till one of the older girl pulled my up and just started wacking the **** out of my chest i puked up probs about 3 cups of water.

my dad didnt even get up from his chair.
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2 Responses Apr 5, 2011

Nicky...how sad. I hope that you will realize that we can't choose who we are related to, but we can choose to walk away from those who hurt us. Never feel that you need validation as a person by another person. You father is a loser...and it should be HIS loss, NOT yours. Live on...and find people who love YOU..and stay away from those who only love themselves. Keep your spirits up and free from anybody who drags you downward. I wish you happiness always. MadMaven/T.S.Heisele

well he was drunk but i dont really count that as an excuse because he was always drunk.<br />
to be honest i dont like reading this story that much so i dont think i will comment to much on it