a Disconcerting Concert Experience

In the day,  a goup of eight pals traveled in one of our friends' brother's nine-person van to attend an Alanta Rhythm Section concert.  The band was touring for their Champagne Jam album. 

We were partying with pot, Quaaludes and a case of champagne.  It was a true Champagne Jam.  The concert was great, at least for those of us who were awake for it.  One of the guys fell asleep during the second song, with his head on my knees for the remainder of the night.

On the ride home a person who hadn't done any drugs was the driver.  I was riding shotgun.  All of a sudden I looked up and saw the headlights of a semi-trailer coming at us head-on.  All I could think was 'this is the last minute of my life.  We're all going to die now'.

I don't know how, but we didn't collide.  All I know is that I was certain that I was going to die.  However, my life did not flash before my eyes, as one always has heard and expects to happen.  I'll always remember that scary moment in my life.



milo9282002 milo9282002
46-50, F
Oct 28, 2006