Experience Not Many People Survive To Have.

At that time I was still in school,in my tenth grade and it was my summer break and as it was also the year I was to appear for my board exam and so like every other kid who aspired for a career in acaedmics I was also gearing up for a long and gruelling year ahead of me.Back in those days m family was finding it difficult to make ends meet so we decided to let out a portion of our house to some traders who would with the help of some tenting put up some stalls for selling their stuff.Summers in india are very unpredicable with the possibility of rain always lingering around the corner so quite heavy tenting was done to deal with that possibility.We as a family had no experiece of precautions which such heavy tenting required and the organisers didnt want us to know either.

about a month went by without any problem and just when the entire thing was about to end one night well past midnight the tent caught fire. Because of the nature of the material that tent was put up the fire spread at a brisk pace without anybody getting a hint of what had happened.I with my family was sleeping in one room got no hint of it untill the time that fire become so fierce that glass of our room window cracked making a sound like a blast had happened,we woke with a shock not knowing what to do ,where to go?Then not knowing the extent of fire my sister opened the window to try and extinguish the fire with watre but just she opened it the fire came in with such force that that I had never seen in my life,my sister ducked at the right moment other wise she had been charred beyond recgnition.It was then we got an idea of how bad the situation is and realised that we would have to be a miracle we were to get out safely.We quicckly got hold of the keys to the door opened it and ran out.

There was fire all around, we still lucky that we could at that point escape from the staircase where the fire although there was still not bad enough for us to not get out of it.I was about 15 years old that that time but I'll be honest here that what I saw left me completely numb,to say I was shivering would be an understatement,I had no idea of anything and that situation I was nothing but a pile on my mother and sister.Anyway we managed to come out but then my sister realised that my grand father who was sleeping in the other room still in the house, she ran back into the house not knowing that it would be difficult for her to come out the second time around.By the time she got grand father with her it was impossible for them to make their way out of the staircase.She told me after words that she for once thought of jumping across the fire to get out but my grand dad stopped her,he instead suggested her to make their way to the terrace of the house from where they had a chance of getting out.Meanwhile me and my mother were still out with me hardly able to stand on my feet and we had almost given hope of seeing my grand father and sister again but just then somebody told that that they were there on the terrace.We all saw death staring at our faces like a predator and had fate not been our side,may be a few seconds here and there we would have met the most painfull death one could ever hope for ,for we had been burnt alive and suffered the pain till we would have breath our last.

Finally after almost 1 hour of informing them fire brigade arrived and did its job.After that incidence for a long time I felt like a coward because all the while my sis and grand dad were stuck inside I didnt even have the slightest of courage to do anything for them for that moment I lost all my sense stood there like coward.It took a lot of time for that feeling of inadequacy to go.

Having said that not many people have experiences like these and not many peole survive to tell the tail and go through the metamorphsis one goes through as a result of them.I dont know whether it made me value life more or being accepting of reality called death but it has had an immense effect on me and made me what I am todday and what I think.
Macrajat Macrajat
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Your courage and will to survive shine through this story. When overcome by a disaster such as a fire it takes everything just to get through it. You must not feel guilty for being unable to go back to help your sister. God looked after your sister and your grandfather. This is a wonderful piece of descriptive writing, by the way.

Wow, what an experience. I've also seen how destructive fire can be but it wasn't as close to me and still very frightening.

Macrajat, your story was very powerful. The way you wrote it made me feel like I was right there with you--feeling all that you were feeling, seeing all that you were seeing. I am so very sad that you had to experience such a disaster at that age, but your ability to communicate all of it is a great talent. Keep writing about your experiences from your heart. You have much to say.

thnx for the kind words.when you write what you have gone through it comes out naturally so not much of talent there.

It was like I was being asked to face something which you don't even know is this terrifying without having any choice.Before that I was never really scared of fire because I didnt know that it can be like when it is life threatening.People usually dont know but fire is the most scariest,destructive and monstrous force that one can imagine in a situation like that.But once you face it you defenitely come out stronger.

Very interesting story. I can only imagine how frightening that must have been for you.<br />
I have a question do you think that experience made you less scared to die or more scared of death?