Which Time???

When I was 4  I fell out of a horse drawn sleigh and cracked the back of my skull on the runner ( it had a piece of steel that stiffened the flat part sticking up.
when I was 12 I was 40 feet up in a tree and fell 30 feet to the last LARGE  limb and landed on my junk!!! spent a week out of school with ice packs on my crotch!  
when I was 17 I got caught having sex with my friends MOTHER   by her HELLS ANGLE HUSBAND  I got away. she went to the hospital!  I ran like a rabbit..
When I was 18 I bought a motorcycle.... a Kawasaki  kz1000    it would go 54 miles an hour.... ya say soooo???  that was first gear  second was 72 and I never topped out third fourth or fifth....  but i can tell you that it will pop a wheelie at 105!  I put over 6000 miles on that bike in five days one time.... ENOUGH SAID.... CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I WAS INCHES FROM PILING IT UP AT SPEEDS OVER 100MPH..... RODE IT FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS  THEN GAVE IT TO MY BROTHER...   AND YES I LIKED HIM. i JUST COULDN'T BARE TO SELL IT...  
When I was22 we were drinking whiskey and Dan Johnson was driving fast.... im in the back seat... and ask how fast we going DAN?  as he turns his head to me and says 126!  he also turns the wheel!!!!!  oh ****!  in the ditch we go... he gets it back on the pavement  but the road turned sharp and we were still sliding so we went off the other side and out through a field and slid to a stop about a 1//4 mile from the road....we got all the bottles and went back to the road... 2 cars went by and our friend that had a truck stopped and picked us up.... PARTY ON DUDES......( NOT THE SMARTEST THING I EVER DID)
When I was 24  I talked my wife who was 8 months pregnant to walk through the train tunnel to get to my Favorite fishing spot with me... a train came...with our backs smashed in to the rocks of the wall we could have stuck our hand out and touched the train... I dont know if standing within 28 inches of a 50 mile per hour is actual a near death experience  but I can tell you that being in a tunnel with a pregnant girl just after the train passed is dangerous!! 18 years later and she is still mad...
when I was about 25 or 26  I was cleaning a take up pulley on a conveyor belt at the mine in wendover Nevada and my arm was around the cross brace of the machine... had it ben in front of the brace i would have ben sucked in to the pulley and my arm would have ben ripped off... the 36 inch crow bar I was using to clean it with was thrown about 80 yards and ricocheted off another machine.... the screen......  later that year (winter time)  I was inside the screen and the guy running the weed burner on the outside of it was supposed to keep it in one spot so SMALL  pieces of the frozen sand would turn loose as I beat and pried on the stuff from the inside... he didnt listen to the instructions and heated the whole side up at once... a huge piece of the frozen sand turned loose and buried me up to my neck and chest    while they took 2 hours to get me out I got to lay there and look at the rest of the sand that was hanging over me... if one more piece would have fell it would have finished burying me....
three different times I have fell off or through roofs while working...  more latter I am 44 now...
41-45, M
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Good grief! you have 9 lives

Hmm..I see you walking down the street..I am crossing to the other side. You get in way more bad situations than I do!

I do a lot more LIVINGING then most men.....

Does Living= adrenaline junky because that's what I'm reading ;-) lol


Lol ..... It has my picture next to the word..... Princess you are a delight.