I Should Have Died

a week before my 17th birthday i was in a bus accident. well not exactly. i was sitting in the bus when it turned nd the window blew open. the centrifical force caused me to backflip through the window. i remember holding onto the bottom of the window with my upper body outside the bus and upside down, and my legs were straight up inside the bus. i looked down and saw the lines in the road becuase the bus was still moving and pretty fast. i thought to myself "really?! this is it? only 16 years here nd im gonna go like this?! oh well i cant hold on much longer so i MUST control something in this situation." i counted to 3 and let go. i fell about 6 feet downward head first and landed on my forehead in the middle of the busiest intersection in the city smack in the middle of mid-day rush hour. i rolled for about 7 or 8 feet til i stopped. i looked up and saw 3 rows of car headlights in my face and above them i saw they were stopped at a red light. i thought "i dont have much time before the light turns green i have to move". i managed to get to the sidewalk and i laid down. i was more in shock than in pain. miraculously i wasnt very hurt except for the bump of my head and bruising down the right side of my body. luckily this happened mid december and i had a bubble jacket on which protected me from any crazy damage. to this day i only have some pain in my hips, back and shoulders and migraines from nerve damage but i consider that my blessing. its my reminder that i should have been run over by the back wheel of the bus or hit by a car but i wasnt. theres no reason anyone should have survived but im greatful i did. i had an angel on my shoulder that day.
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